31 August, 2016 14:36


The single woman in the corridor

1. Keep Admiration inside–> avoid talking people how good they are, you are probably better
2. Face reality–> don’t avoid problems, recognize them and, if you cannot solve them, just wait
3. Keep moving even in hard times–> seed today and harvest(celebrate) tomorrow (new motto)
4. Be confident–> never say negative things about yourself, why would you anyway?
5. Keep silent but keep your hands and mind moving –> dropping little breadcrumbs towards your future.

The steps to write the perfect paper

1. Brew hotels a huge cup of Black tea
2. Sit at the desk and assume a thoughtful look
3. Check Facebook for the last time
4. Enter the zone and make a list of contents
5. Full the text with boring expected content
6. Go for a coffee
7. Read your writing and make it pretty
8. Go home, the working day is finished
9. Restart by getting a crunchy croissant
10. Re-read your text and shorten it to make it juicy.

Decalogue of the good scientist

1. Always question your conclusions
2. Always introduce yourself even if people might know you already
3. Don’t be afraid of showing many results, you worked for them.
4. Don’t be arrogant and avoid expressions like ‘as expected’, ‘clearly’, ‘ it is evident’, ‘successfully’ and so on.
5. Don’t be afraid of asking questions in public, you want to learn after all.
6. Remember and Acknowledge people’s support, in the acknowledgments.
7. Don’t forget to take a day to read literature from time to time.
8. Have the music in the lab and be helpful.
9. Ask your colleagues what they are doing and learn from them.
10. Keep silent as much as possible and let your brilliant ideas ripen.

Future plans

You run, you calculate,
You change your protocol
To add elegance to your experiment
And yet your voice is not heard.
Glittery shoes and colourful shirts
Cheer up your day
Give you a reason to smile
And fuel your inner motor
And Yet your effort is not valued.
What makes you comfortable
Is rare at work
And your vivid energy within faints
Day by day.
You cry and strive to imagine a future somewhere else
But is it really necessary to abandon your dream?

Testosterone-rich meeting

Why do I feel alone
When sitting in meetings
Had long been a mystery.
Curly and pretty,
Charming and over-achieving,
Meticulous and high-performing
No other woman is at the table
To share a smile
Giggle at huge error bars
Join efforts toward waved of testosterone.
This quiet my voice
Makes my feet shake
And frees my mind
To imagine other worlds
where I would feel comfortable
Raising my hands
Expressing my opinion
Asking for what I deserve.