The essence

Stand up and go
Your idea is leading you.
You will figures out the steps
Under the light of excitement
Day by day.
The question that woke you up
Will come back in your head
And hunt you
Until you can reach the full stop.
This is the fun and the essence of research.

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  1. Thanks Rowena for your comments, nice to read you enjoyed my thoughts. Science communicator sounds great, how did you like the job? I am thinking of expanding aa bit my activities 🙂

  2. I really loved this poem. I’m not a scientist but I do family history research with a passion and go through the old newspapers online and research their communities. I’ve had a few people I’ve seriously got stuck on and that one question has in a sense driven me mad. Some people are so easy to follow and with others, you’re struggling for each and every micro breakthrough and still not getting that question answered.
    BTW I used to work as a science communicator and our family has quite an interest in science.
    xx Rowena

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