31 July, 2017 22:12


Quality effort

I struggle natively to polish
The quality of my work that however
Can be judged and fall ill
with time and cultures.
In this spot of sunshine
I will now tender
the quality of my thinking
And the clarity of the ideas in the playground.

[tags postaday, poetry, writing, quality, work, thoughts, thinking, mind, efficiency, playground, ideas, innovation, proceeds]

Silent city

The silent city revolves
And concentrate its energy
in those who listen.
The empty streets at night
Leave room to mental wanderers
And part-time dreamers.

[tags postaday, poetry, writing, night, city, dreamer, wanderer, energy, recharge, mind, life, resilience, freedom]

Coffee drop

The switch to illuminate the day
Comes to me in a tiny Italian cup
And discloses the superpowers
I have always known I had.
The warmth amplifies its appeal
And embraces my laziness,
Reassuring my doubts,
And calling the challenges to me.

[tags postaday, poetry, writing,coffee, drinking, pause, break, energize, work]