31 Jan 2020


The h-number

I see this article from a journal with no name

I see hard work and raining,

I see little attention and care from the society.

Science is competitive

Science is a fight with no weapons

Science is made by friends

Science gives you a 14 as an h-number.

Sitting in the sunlight

Envy, waves and beads

Hit and hear up my face.

the joy of knowing is a warm sun inside my belly.

The head is cold and rationality

a blue finch flying fast.

Knowledge enters each day through my senses

To sleep in my soft female belly.

Knowing is power,

Knowing is sorted in the chubby tissue.

Dry presence

The sun is high today

And its energy continuous and red.

It dried the leaves around me and the petals i had forgotten

In this brave winter.

I am just a flower on the side of this path

Made of gravel and grass.

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