3cl0: Creativity in the SHOP

In moments of boredom or concern, seeing how beautiful the structures of nature are can reassure and inspire! I went back to my favourite molecules and selected some protein structures to bring some dynamism and creativity in our SHOP. Have a look at the NEW items with this protein!

This crystal structure belongs to the Neuraminidase such a surprising vegetable.

N1 Neuraminidase H274Y + oseltamivir

Neuraminidase is a key protein of influenza viruses and in this structure one inhibitor is also present bound to it. The best-known neuraminidase is the viral neuraminidase, a drug target for the prevention of the spread of influenza infection. The viral neuraminidases are frequently used as antigenic determinants found on the surface of the influenza virus. Some variants of the influenza neuraminidase confer more virulence to the virus than others. The study of neuraminidases and how they evolve, and the research of novel inhibitors are key for having antiviral drugs in the future (read more DOI: 10.1038/nature06956 and Wikipedia)

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