Close to you

My emails gather files And data and ideas Worth no future. My folders collect dust Shy of their ambition. My mind runs wild and bubbly In the field of the mind. My hands wait and dream.

Hygge me hygge you

The dark involves me In its actionless caramelised momentum. Autumn has fallen on me like a heavy hand. Rest is in the menu With its cup of honey and lemon.

Thank you 2019

I raise my cup of bubbles To this year of unveilings in the dim light. I toast to my hand that Never stopped pointing the finger And drawing question marks. I encircle my family And the kind words it is made of.

Nobel me, Nobel you

When the prize is given, You see the joy of the young teacher. Her tired eyes spark again, For the unexpected attention. The book of open questions filled through the year Opens in a new light of feasibility. Old friends father to shake your hand And cuddle your work that changed our lives. me and… Continue Reading →

You are Always special

Look around and find another you, Through the fog of strong opinions and dressed-up egos. This endless search points you back To your chest with a thick finger. Your unique nature is evident to everybody, Your road has signs you stick in the ground With your energy. Even in this lazy today.

Poem for the day you can’t stop crying

Dams are extreme measures And you could not escape or see our coming. Flooding cold leaves you empty, Like a desert ready to blossom after a long century. Alone you watch and dig for solutions You only have. You will get over it, You will learn from it You are everything it takes You feel… Continue Reading →

Poem for the day you can’t stop smiling

Walking in public had never been so energising And you could hug trees and streetlights With no shame. The moment will pass but the taste Will be a new neuron in your head and a new reference value. Sweet like a daisy and mellow like chamomile, Bubbly like the sky in spring And solid like… Continue Reading →

How to stay competitive when you work part-time

Working part-time has given me lots of benefits.. especially the possibility of pursuing writing! Thank you for reading ❤️ How to stay competitive when you work part-time If you like it and find it interesting, I would love you to comment, share it, and clap, of course.

Anger for you

A fire, sudden like fever, Is lit in response To your little respect And gratuitous lessons. I know my business, I know arrogant people, I am learning self respect, I know a No hidden behind a stream of words.

The Community

No Way!We reached 340 followers in Twitter, thank you! And a special thank you to Chemberry @go_chemberry 💜 Remember our non-regular work-in-progress newletter (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

The Community

No Way!We reached 340 followers in Twitter, thank you! And a special thank you to Chemberry @go_chemberry 💜 Remember our non-regular work-in-progress newletter (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

Communicating for you

Communication appears essential When what you research daily is uncommon and has a shine for your eyes No other people can see. Selecting the words is the job And depicting them in images Hard. You will fill the white pages With memories and sensations Others live on holidays And you feel in the lab When… Continue Reading →

Never alone

Look straight ahead and you will see what stops you. You have conquered your space on a sofa or at the table nobody can take it from you, your teeth are now sharp. Remember those who nodded at you and pushed you forward.

Shout out like there is no tomorrow

When you see objectification Shout out When you see poor fittings Shout out When life gives you unstable molecules Shout out When you feel alone and your hands are full But your shoulders heavy Shout out Your support For help For pride For survival For tomorrow. Get Outlook for Android

Thank you

Thank you for the music That paced my moves and my moonwalks Through the lab. Thank you for the space That rapidly filled with ingredients of unheard potions. Thank me for my energy That gave hypotheses a room in this world And for my vision That saw the value of a future step In a… Continue Reading →


It catches you like honey And burns endlessly with no smoke but perfume. Charming gem for your experienced eyes, Passion leads you by the hand With no written words or packaging instructions But only by the heat.

Anybody is a leader

It only gets better When you close the book and open the door. Your searched and distributed, You arranged and discussed, You defended and confuted, You need to step out the lab After stepping up the whole day.

Your Diary, Your Version

In a few instances the poem is your hand. You show the play, You teach the actors, Your script holds for history. Your diary in the pocket, Your labbook on the desk, Your files in the cloud ☁, Are the characters and humorists telling your version, Speaking your life. Remember them on the journey, Feed… Continue Reading →

Discovery vibe

Nothing describes the flash Of the metal in the water Of the fluorescent protein alone Of the graph that tells it all. That explosion in the head and in the belly That moves you a hundred feet ahead And above the clouds Confirms your inner voice And your undiscussed talent.

Socially active

Hallo all… we are approaching 40K visits! How to celebrate? A big thank you to the hundreds of followers! Here a reminder of our channels ❥Twitter ♡ Facebook ☺Bloglovin ✤ Instagram❤ Pinterest Medium ♪

Who is

Who is the visionary so tall to stare always at the horizon? Who is the woman so determined to carry a small purse? Who is the scientist so patient to wait for the echo of her efforts in the life of people?

Your starry sky

The dots are connected in a new constellation That guides me in the lab And in the dark days. Shiny edges enclose a destiny and a path. Experiences are never random, You draw your own sky.

Inquisitory eyes

Alone and defenceless you stared At my grey hair and at my accurate collection of personal answers. I never felt more responsible and judged, By a young pinky face full of fear For a world she did Not and could not grasp. The moment we committed to each other, To a daily hunt For your… Continue Reading →

Did you hear the trumpet?

Alone in silence I stare at my samples All lined up and ready to prove themselves Like little timid soldiers. Here is the trumpet, with its sharp and energetic sound And here are the soldiers Running blindly to their position. As a human chain, they are the steps Making the golden path That leads to… Continue Reading →

Just wait

My hand is pink and soft, It points forward and is ready to grab yours. Do you see it in this autumn fog? The orange trees cheer us up when Ups and downs entertain us And give us reasons for long coffees.

The story that tells itself

The paper is blank But your days were full. One by one you built the ladder, Walked it hesitantly, And sat at the top. The story is written in solid words and wooden sticks. Be brave and look down, Look back and read your limits, The story tells itself.

Nothing happens

What you hold the reins When you decide in one second When your for moves first, You are the protagonist. You decide, No other voice is asked, Adrenalin kicks in. Nothing happens, You happen.

Slap me nature, please

Spring knocked and nobody opened. It slammed the door to our face, Wake up! You cannot stop nature, You cannot stop the revolution, It will slap you awake Each time you are lost in your data Or your handy, Or your worries.

Wool is a protein

I eat you lovely protein, I cuddle you in my lab, I Freeze you for new adventures, And finally you warm me up. Curly and long, you keep me safe Through the winter like a jacket, My natural fur.


I am thrilled that so many of you are following the blog and enjoying my writings about science or the life of a scientist. At the same time, I have grown very curious about your passion for poetry and science. I would love you to submit your pieces for publication in the blog and to… Continue Reading →

Reviewers love

I don’t know you And I love you. You in your office, The new shy member of my scientific enlarged family. Tough love is love, Critics show care, Statistics give meaning, Typos are enthusiasm. Your comments are my religion.

Your place in the world

Your place in the world is safe, You can sit down. You don’t have to fight your colleague, Or snoop over their shoulder, or steal their solutions, Or guess their ideas. You place in the world is empty, You should decorate it. You don’t have to copy your neighbours, Or hire their gardener, Or paint… Continue Reading →


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DNA lies

You can know my DBA, you can study my epigenetics, My phenotype will be familiar to you. My thoughts are not encoded, What I think of you Is post-modified.

Holiday for two

After being dissected, looked at under the lens And minutes in the behaviour, Holidays have come. You, little protein, Can rest and sleep in the cozy freezer drawer, My name on the label will protect you. You, scientist of the day, have a book full of details you will understand next week, On the beach.

Hide well

The treasure is hidden, Serendipity is behind the data, The value of a stone hard casted. As a particle, my position is clear, My direction secretly determined in me. You will see me only too late. Behind you, in front of you I run.

Waiting responses

Holding my pens Waiting for the next results to write In a heartbeat. Research hills you by the hand, Then drops you careless In the pocket of an editor. Will my story be told? Will my figures be admired? Hoping my answers will be useful.


THE PoFTL NEWSLETTER – Nov 2019 HELLO you … you you… you snooping through the PoFTL blog from time to time! First of all, THANK YOU for all your comments and visits, it is great to have you in the community! The last weeks have been marked by very intense action and I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and… Continue Reading →

The community

Poetry from the lab is getting bigger and I want to send a massive welcome to the new followers! Are you from Twitter or Bloglovin or Medium? Remember you can also subscribe to the non-regular work-in-progress newsletter here (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

What is reality

I see it, I touch it Yet it feels each time different. In the risk of the coffee I feel a superhero In the downs left by southeast I see my heart astonished. I frame you with words I chase you with open arms, Come to me Or leave a message. I have answers.

Sunday spark

Sunday is a day of no schedule But a day of sparks. In the empty ideas play ball And fantasies run wild. They fuel the night Before there Monday comes back Worth its demands and pointing fingers. The land of magic cannot be lost, Once you visited it You can always return.

The community

Poetry from the lab is getting bigger and I want to send a massive welcome to the new followers! Are you from Twitter or Bloglovin or Medium? Remember you can also subscribe to the non-regular work-in-progress newsletter here (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

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