06 Sep 2019

Dancing heart

My heart is boilingof results that do not fit the expectationsand lines that do not want to walk straight.My heart celebratesthat extra knowledge a simple mistake has revealed.My heart dancesamong the files on the floorwhen nobody watches.

Boss support

I live differently, Comfortable and unique In my spacious 1% of opinions, Future wishes, and behaviour. No stream against, just a beautiful panorama I contemplate sitting With you, boss.

Protein dance

Sitting in the train My body moves fast and crosses landscapes of unique beauty Yet my thoughts are childish. Proteins dance in my mind In choreographies resulting in creative applications. In a line they are a sensor, Holding hands they foam in a cappuccino in a circle they are in a brilliant paint But always […]

Enzymes matter

It is just a beautiful day To connect formulas and overlap graphs. A freezer with dormant enzymes wait for me To make the magic begin And portray them in action Whole binding molecules, while extracting electrons While releasing the novelty they produce In the world.

Bad and good

Torn between hating the actions And appreciating the person I wonder why what makes a good person Is so hard to identify. I see a powerful beautiful woman In charge of risky businesses and with heavy on her shoulder And yet her humanity clashes with her actions. Work makes us bad people As it hides […]