Office companion

The plastic bottle of water on my desk got an inner life and a green shade. Friendly algae have taken possession and shout ‘biology’ to me. Advertisements


Affinity assay

I wear my coat and keep distance When all I want is looking inside and lean over. Will I miss the moment of truth? Biology goes slowly When you watch, Yet molecules swim and dive in front of me Looking for a coral reef to catch. Proteins are the best huggers And hold on forever.

Enzymes telling life

A cut, a failure, the hit of life, The marks on the inside Are a story told by enzymes. In the blood they escape And tell the beauty of the land they left. me and the blog– inforgraphics– the shop – download – work together

Protein army

To which protein I owe my day? To the social that makes me breath? To the tiny that shuttle energy? Or to the millions outside my body? Many and unique, Little soldiers with limited life and a focused target, Proteins give me everyday That molecular food I cannot find on my table.

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