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This is a scientist’s blog with >300 posts, >24k visits, almost 1k followers and now a SHOP with small items to make working in the lab or in the office more comfy! I am a PhD-ed biologist/geneticist who crossed biotechnology, biochemistry, protein science, food science, material science, biomedical devices and is now curious about cosmetic … Continue reading Welcome!


This blog is like a diary for me and I would like you to be able to navigate it easily. Any time 🐳 I have a few minutes to myself I write or post a photo. Most of my poems revolve around few themes I encounter everyday on the way to work 🌸, in the … Continue reading START HERE

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I love infographics! they are a combination of knowledge and pleasure… at least to the eye! Their colors are vibrant and the geometries always creative! 6 WAYS TO PRETEND YOU ARE WORKING HOW TO FIND TIME FOR WRITING POETRY? This infographic gives you some suggestions on when to find time to write short poems (click … Continue reading Infographics