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💜 A video introduction to the blog and its content! 3 years, 1300 posts, more than 10.000 visits 💜

Welcome ✌️ !

I have no idea of how you found this blog but I am so glad you did! This is a scientist’s blog born in 2016 with the short post titled Decision addiction that has so far collected 1 ‘like’! Sweet! I hope you like flowers and urban gardens! I am a PhD-ed biologist/geneticist who crossed… Continue Reading →

The smell of the end

Each day is a relay competition, Questions are obstacles My hands macular the present And my writing the messenger to pass. Alone in the lab, My ideas are handed out by the world, A community, a family, the adoptive parents. ME +THE BLOG – INFOGRA– SHOP – DOWNLOAD – WORK TOGETHER


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The community

So happy to see the community of Poetry from the lab grow! Remember you can also subscribe to the non-regular work-in-progress newsletter here (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

New material

I was thinking how to have a moment of rest at work when tasks get too demanding and my brain is tired… I collected these 6 ideas in the latest infographic of having a moment of rest without your colleagues to notice. What do you think? What’s your favourite? 💤

Monday cinema

Waterproof and windproof I sail out Feeling a fearless warrior and sneaky cat in my soft belly. An army of characters and attitudes Populate me and take shifts To go through this Monday And to make it glittery and eye-catching Like that romantic movie On the big screen.

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