Nail colour

I paint my nails Worth the desire to add vivacity To the routine of the office. The improvisation and serendipity Of the lab Does not reach my table That stands grey and crowded On the corner of this concrete monster. Advertisements


Slide confusion

Numbers and colours Fight each other on my slide. Voices get silent And bulletpoints get longer Worth words telling a story That built in the lab. Glass and plastic have cuddled Liquids of value And proteins of temperament.

Lab coat

Dots of unknown colour, Stains of never-studied proteins Are my medals. On my chest and around my arm, They Tell a recent story of fight and explosions. Invincible in the way, standing strong through the washings , A Memento of the past and a map to my future.


WELCOME! I have designed a few objects hoping to make you smile and bring that smile to work … with cute socks, relaxing stickers, or a colour–changing coffee cup. I imagine them coming with you either to work all day at the computer in your office corner, or running here and there in the lab!… Continue Reading →

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