Secret me

The little noise repeats itself And pushed me to the ground At the of this day of no events. A letter, a comment, a wish To keep private To be me. Advertisements


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This is a scientist’s blog with more than 300 posts, soon 30K visits, and more than 1K followers. I am a PhD-ed biologist/geneticist who crossed biotechnology, biochemistry, protein science, food science, material science, biomedical devices and is now curious about cosmetic science and innovation, I started working in a biochemistry lab as a student in … Continue reading Welcome!

Office circle

Soundtrack of the office Are charts and silence Until the brewing is initiated. No comments are needed to gather the people around The Little kettle on the corner table. Staring and leaning We form a circle around the boiling water And our faces glow in the moment of peace.


Tired Of hearing the’ you can do it’ The’ women can do everything’ But have to struggle more. Annoyed By those who give it for granted And just enjoy your result Laying on their desk. Running Among the comments and assumptions For my present and my future. Happy Of leaving the window a bit open … Continue reading Window