Stubborn desire forward

No window is open enough Or garden fresh sufficiently Today. When you are on a hunt And curious to poke nature, There is always a step forward. Tiny snails, reason vapour, atmospheric dust Ageing bananas, mysterious taste of sausage, Hardening soap, menstruations pain, Everything pushes a question forward And a foot forward Advertisements


Days of salt

Each moment has its intense flavour And the days flow like grains of salt In my hourglass. I grab them and print then with fire in my baby memory Before letting them fall, Curious of what might come next.

Signing at last

Results and images had no name, Hanging loose in the air of the auditorium. Years have passed and they have been spoken, Discussed, and tortured by anybody With a mouth and a degree. Now they are on the screen, they have a link, They have a father and a mother, And multiple curious coming along… Continue Reading →

Blue light

The blue light of the screen Gives me results and ageing. Can I work and not hurt myself? Can I do science and stay young? Can I connect and not irradiate my cells? Conscious and curious, I sit at my desk.


The year starts dark And cold on my face While you sleep sweet. Tiny and helpless in your bed, You gather your strength and fearless Explore and learn each day. Brave, yet a baby, Curious, yet checking on mum, Each day you grow away And into my life.


I am thrilled that so many of you are following the blog and enjoying my writings about science or the life of a scientist. At the same time, I have grown very curious about your passion for poetry and science. I would love you to submit your pieces for publication in the blog and to… Continue Reading →


I have no idea of how you found this blog but I am so glad you did! This is a scientist’s blog born in 2016 with the short post titled Decision addiction that has so far collected 1 ‘like’! Sweet! I hope you like flowers and urban gardens! I am a PhD-ed biologist/geneticist who crossed… Continue Reading →

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Starry pray

Skinny stars of this night I see you hiding in the far But curious of our troubles. Slowly you move And it can only watch from this wet field And discover my pray For this peaceful situation To settle And return.

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