Signing at last

Results and images had no name, Hanging loose in the air of the auditorium. Years have passed and they have been spoken, Discussed, and tortured by anybody With a mouth and a degree. Now they are on the screen, they have a link, They have a father and a mother, And multiple curious coming along … Continue reading Signing at last


Monday theft

My stomac bumping, My breathing getting short Tell me another Monday is coming. In its simplicity, A single day can grab the freedom of the whole weekend. Time spent walking Among flowers and mountains, The curious stirring for an exotic dish, The calls with the lived ones Get immediately sorted as memories, Once the Monday … Continue reading Monday theft

Publication here

That long time had passed And what took years to compile Is now open to the world. Curious eyes will undress it, Critical thinkers will hold it One day maybe against you. Your hypothesis is breathing And, alive, it can join other minds In their travels Drawing paths in a snowy desert.