nerdy furniture

Poem for a lazy Sunday

The bench is a sofa For those that search an escape And the fresh air Tickles those dreams that once attracted And now stare, Curious of the outcome and the choices.

Stubborn desire forward

No window is open enough Or garden fresh sufficiently Today. When you are on a hunt And curious to poke nature, There is always a step forward. Tiny snails, reason vapour, atmospheric dust Ageing bananas, mysterious taste of sausage, Hardening soap, menstruations pain, Everything pushes a question forward And a foot forward

Days of salt

Each moment has its intense flavour And the days flow like grains of salt In my hourglass. I grab them and print then with fire in my baby memory Before letting them fall, Curious of what might come next.

Signing at last

Results and images had no name, Hanging loose in the air of the auditorium. Years have passed and they have been spoken, Discussed, and tortured by anybody With a mouth and a degree. Now they are on the screen, they have a link, They have a father and a mother, And multiple curious coming along […]

Blue light

The blue light of the screen Gives me results and ageing. Can I work and not hurt myself? Can I do science and stay young? Can I connect and not irradiate my cells? Conscious and curious, I sit at my desk.


I am thrilled that so many of you are following the blog and enjoying my writings about science or the life of a scientist. At the same time, I have grown very curious about your passion for poetry and science. I would love you to submit your pieces for publication in the blog and to […]


The year starts dark And cold on my face While you sleep sweet. Tiny and helpless in your bed, You gather your strength and fearless Explore and learn each day. Brave, yet a baby, Curious, yet checking on mum, Each day you grow away And into my life.

Welcome ✌️ !

I have no idea of how you found this blog but I am so glad you did! This is a scientist’s blog born in 2016 with the short post titled Decision addiction that has so far collected 1 ‘like’! Sweet! I hope you like flowers and urban gardens! I am a PhD-ed biologist/geneticist who crossed […]

Big ideas, small hands

I am a speckle of dust Filled with ambition and clear thinking Shivering its small size. How to translate what is boiling in me Into a recipe and a spoon To feed the curious world?

Starry pray

Skinny stars of this night I see you hiding in the far But curious of our troubles. Slowly you move And it can only watch from this wet field And discover my pray For this peaceful situation To settle And return.

Work passion

No plans, no agendas, no reminders Are needed When work is curious And colleagues are stimuli. Targets are just bites for you Who anxiously dreams how the whole cake will be And how the story will end

Future in the rain

Pointy and curious The rain pokes my face Carelessly On a Monday of busy with procrastinating My future. Don’t stop, It keeps me awake and anchored to the present, The only certain thing I have.

March promise

A cold March awaits me With those young pointy flowers that stars at me curious during my walks. A whole brought season in front, The do not look back to the cold winter And happily channel their energy To shine this year. No promised result, no guaranteed next year, only one year more.

Monday theft

My stomac bumping, My breathing getting short Tell me another Monday is coming. In its simplicity, A single day can grab the freedom of the whole weekend. Time spent walking Among flowers and mountains, The curious stirring for an exotic dish, The calls with the lived ones Get immediately sorted as memories, Once the Monday […]

Publication here

That long time had passed And what took years to compile Is now open to the world. Curious eyes will undress it, Critical thinkers will hold it One day maybe against you. Your hypothesis is breathing And, alive, it can join other minds In their travels Drawing paths in a snowy desert.

Chasing what

Curious like a weasel I find my sneaky way to experiment The hidden question In the back of the mind. Curiosity keeps science alive And gives its players the rules While moving always the goal. Hiding and chasing Each day is a step While the direction forms at the horizon.


A new philosophy arises On the way to work, On my expectations and demanded achievements. Not every day is a success And I sip frustration even more often But I will keep on working And approach this desk everyday because tomorrow is coming And I am so curious.

Alone in the lab

Stars outside sneak through the blinds Curious of my flame. Frenetic and yawning I focus On the fire and on my hands. Tiptoeing among the tubes Double thinking all my movements Rejecting sleep and doubts I slowly proceed.