WELCOME! I have designed a few objects hoping to make you smile and bring that smile to work … with cute socks, relaxing stickers, or a colour–changing coffee cup. I imagine them coming with you either to work all day at the computer in your office corner, or running here and there in the lab! … Continue reading SHOP


Loud thoughts

I cross my fingers, I dream of you Future I can barely imagine Lying in this corner of Europe. I unravel you with cards and horoscope But the relief is quickly vanished. Loud thoughts in my head Can only fall silent To the ears of the world.

Mystery future

It is still a mystery What can revert the trend And make life become easier. I imagine our Future Less childish and demanding of attention And with vaguer expectations For what is success and what is reasonable. No rule, no boundaries, no space for the expected.

Artificial office

Offices should be green And not show the man-made concrete walls. Science is asked be sustainable and bio-inspired As its innovation. In my structured artificial office no nature I can imagine And no physiology is sustained Enough to start the process To produce new ideas Friendly to all.


Superpowers hide In the folds of small papers And in the bars of your graph. Superscientist runs and calculates With hands and mind Digging for gold in a pile of errors. Superboss imagines and visualize The scene behind the corner Before tomorrow comes. SuperStudent looks deep and polishes The corners that unattended bring shadows to … Continue reading Super