WELCOME! I have designed a few objects hoping to make you smile and bring that smile to work … with cute socks, relaxing stickers, or a colour–changing coffee cup. I imagine them coming with you either to work all day at the computer in your office corner, or running here and there in the lab!… Continue Reading →


Jump the wall

I throw my mind Over the wall using a single hand And wait for the bump. If was searching for novelty, It might have found it. What is new is still hidden And i can only excite in its imminent rise. Mind will tell me, Among thoughts of routine, What I could not imagine and… Continue Reading →

White escape

Add a stroke of pink to your writings And a curl to your Ts and your Is When the window is closed and no escape can be found. The head down on the white paper Can imagine a world of fun and flowers With exercise Even In a grey cubicle.

Future whirl

The thrill is on After I actively pushed myself To imagine a future With its roots on the happenings of today. Each day possibilities form in the space around me And i only have to train my patience As a gardener in September.

Numbers talk

My lips cannot pronounce The impact of these numbers But only imagine it and suggest it With metaphors and little confidence. Numbers talk to me And they swirl into a portray of our future That hardly graphics can describe.

Lab team

I opened today the door To trust and uncertainty To give a chance to a future I cannot imagine. In every lab, Peers and rivals Put their word in the closing sentence And hold shaky hands in times of indetermination.

Surprises from the past

You have left that path behind Your heavy shoulders And could not imagine How hard it was Each step away. When you dig into the novelty Of the surrounding reality, The old path sends a candid dove Or a naive envelope And the steepness you remember Seems just a moment of transition In life.

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