Limitless corner

Reason alone in a corner, Curled up in thoughts of limitless costs And added your innovation bloom Like when you were A just arrived first-year student. Thoughts of Time and money Chain your unique ideas To a desk at the end of the classroom Buy few steps Will take you forward.


Freezing like never before I face the verdict the data show. Once a charming idea, Note the fruit of struggle For no juice. Accepting the sunset of a brilliant intuition Is hard and leaves you empty inside For a while. Take a breath and look away Ponder the future and forget the past To restart.

pink revolution

Pink and purple will invest my office like a breeze or warmth and freespeech. Innovation starts by doing things differently and no greyzone is allowed in my timid heart and brave mind.  

Excel reason

Cells and numbers arrange In a logic reserved to few And drawing lines Suggesting actions. The future is shaped By those commas and exponentials And from the numbers, An innovative way of stepping comes.


This blog is like a diary for me and I would like you to be able to navigate it easily. Any time 🐳 I have a few minutes to myself I write or post a photo. Most of my poems revolve around few themes I encounter everyday on the way to work 🌾, in the […]

Outreach research

How to, is never a question When the idea sweeps you away. Sunny or rainy, cold or hot, The world Subsides And you see only the future In front of you. The imagination flies free And experiments are quick Telling stories that fascinate the society And provide talks over the coffee.


Innovation is bitter and painful like acupuncture But surprises you on your way Bringing sunlight and excitement. Imaging the many roads opening at your feet And your first check Adds a brilliant nuance to the repetitive Mindless work in front of you today. Doubts and dream taste the same today.

Tickling brain

Numbers in the table, Like kids holding hands in a line, Show me the direction While tickling my brain In this hide-and-seek game. The pull and magic of the hidden trend Make me a solo artist Behind the curtain of an unapologetic  stage.

Numbers talk

My lips cannot pronounce The impact of these numbers But only imagine it and suggest it With metaphors and little confidence. Numbers talk to me And they swirl into a portray of our future That hardly graphics can describe.

Strategy of a failing life tasting

A new strategy of life tells me to approximate to be able enjoy the ups and downs. Nothing is sharp and everything has a margin of error To turn the falls into possibilities and the successes into mere stepping stones. You survive yet not enjoy deeply If nothing is enough and Nothing deserves a celebration.

Mirage in the lab

What you wish if what drags you Out of bed, out of the office chair As a distant mirage Glowing in the lab. The pale hypothesis Rings no bell to anybody else But speaks to you. In your head it lits up And puts fire in your belly. Will it work? Is it true? Is […]

Believe and trust

Always looking forward We forget the taste of the past rides In the lab. Once assumptions, Those crazy ideas are now believed And found printed in the journals. Through hard days We learnt to trust And believe the unreasonable Until it became just a stepping stone.

Cycle of this life

Repeat and renew Is a motto for work and for life. Myself, my interests, my failures Are resurfacing over and over again In the cyclical time. I run naked to complete this routine Consistent with who I am, Yet new and innovated To move ahead.

Revenge will

Routine and curiosity killed the cat. After shouting questions falling in thin air And donating uniqueness to a future not his, The wise woman sits still and observes the decline. A million scenarios run through his head Some fascinating, some of no effort And tickle his will of revenge

Big ideas, small hands

I am a speckle of dust Filled with ambition and clear thinking Shivering its small size. How to translate what is boiling in me Into a recipe and a spoon To feed the curious world?

Idea queue

The regret for those ideas Of brilliant impact Testing on the sofa Of lack of equipments And of lack of time Takes my sleep away. Today I moved then From the sofa to the corridor Ready to go out And get tested open air.

Picking bubbles

Ideas form like in the bubbling wine And migrate to the surface For recognition. Experience selects and isolate The ones with personality While curiosity picks The few solitary and iridescent.

Job interview

You threw your ball To the distracted crowd And wait now for it To be in the air Again. It flies back to you Sometimes covering the reassuring sun Covered in possibilities and maybes. Catch.

Personal ripening

Refrain from participation, Observation is the highest way of learning And critical assessment. Preserver your opinions And let them ripen Far from the others’ sight. Golden and juicy You will enjoy them in solitude.

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