pizza with sugar

Oh dear Subversive attitude That pushed me put of bed And makes me still feel like a pizza with sugar, Like a chest served frozen, Like a promise with crossed fingers. You Changed me and make me feel out of place. Respected but subject of curiosity, Innovation gives me a glow. Advertisements


Quality effort

I struggle natively to polish The quality of my work that however Can be judged and fall ill with time and cultures. In this spot of sunshine I will now tender the quality of my thinking And the clarity of the ideas in the playground. [tags postaday, poetry, writing, quality, work, thoughts, thinking, mind, efficiency, … Continue reading Quality effort

Limitless corner

Reason alone in a corner, Curled up in thoughts of limitless costs And added your innovation bloom Like when you were A just arrived first-year student. Thoughts of Time and money Chain your unique ideas To a desk at the end of the classroom Buy few steps Will take you forward.

Artificial office

Offices should be green And not show the man-made concrete walls. Science is asked be sustainable and bio-inspired As its innovation. In my structured artificial office no nature I can imagine And no physiology is sustained Enough to start the process To produce new ideas Friendly to all.


This blog is like a diary for me and I would like you to be able to navigate it easily. Any time 🐳 I have a few minutes to myself I write or post a photo. Most of my poems revolve around few themes I encounter everyday on the way to work 🌸, in the … Continue reading START HERE