Smell like a teen lab

You put me in danger, Stupid solution of natural molecules. My head is banging, My breath worried, My heart suspended. My science failed me And my optimism led me in a trap. Healing air into my lungs, thoughts of holidays into my head, Reassurance into my heart , Advertisements


Warm like bread

The bed is too big for us, Who search hands and check on each other. The apartment is too big for us, Who eat sitting nearby and from the same plate. The city is too big for us, Who share passions and destinations. The world is too big for us, Who travel together and fight… Continue Reading →

Communication is relaxation

Tangled like wool, My thoughts roll around like bushes in the desert of a spaghetti western. I have A desert mind full of balls of ideas. Balls swirl around and hit each other, Waiting to be picked. Picked and pulled, they are explained, written, visualized, And communicated to lower my mental entropy.

Fellow Blogs

There are a few websites/blogs I like to follow for their topic, or graphics, or ambition! Here they are collected for me not to forget to check them, and for you to discover. ☸ WITH A SCIENCE DEGREE – I love the idea of showing where a science degree can take you! ☄ BACK TO… Continue Reading →


It catches you like honey And burns endlessly with no smoke but perfume. Charming gem for your experienced eyes, Passion leads you by the hand With no written words or packaging instructions But only by the heat.

Thin sheets of written paper

A scientist has always a voice She spotted and explains The phenomena each day. Others get surprised and fascinated And with their questions like children . The scientists digs and reiterates questions Until it all sums up To an objective reality Like an explorer with a brown hat Staying a child at heart Forever.

pizza with sugar

Oh dear Subversive attitude That pushed me put of bed And makes me still feel like a pizza with sugar, Like a chest served frozen, Like a promise with crossed fingers. You Changed me and make me feel out of place. Respected but subject of curiosity, Innovation gives me a glow.

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