Nature spin

The push to that leaf on the pavement Was invisible, Yet it rotated and stopped dry When i passed. Nature surrounds me And its energy must touch me. I spin and spin each day From home to work, To shops, to strangers, Faithful to nature.

Nature WTF?

Needles of rain in a bright hopeful sun Surprise after a day of struggle And closing doors on my face. When you surrender and stop fighting and planning, Nature winks at you And pulls tricks out of her bag.

Sunday grass

The green needles below me Caress and welcome This moment of uncertainty. I am a surrender to the power of nature And i now navigate With a wind of change and no thoughts.

Fellow Blogs

There are a few websites/blogs I like to follow for their topic, or graphics, or ambition! Here they are collected for me not to forget to check them, and for you to discover. đź’¨ ENGINEERING WITH ROSIE is a YouTube channel about wind power with great locations and nerdy explanations… this is my kind of stuff! […]

23 Nov 2019

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I restrict my fence And move them closer to my belly Creating a nest I can only fit in. Hay and dry flowers around me Cover this atmosphere of mistrust And, for a while, The greyness gets a shade of nature.

Gorge cold

Invisible and hard, The cold of this gorge reaches me And swipes away the comfort of this Sunday. Nature touches me and like a stream Refills my hands.

Autumn fire

Autumn surrounds me And brings warmth and reasons Worth its orange destined leaves. The colours of fire Bring life into a nature soon to rest. Time will come That the hopeful green Will surprise me.

Holiday lapse

On the sunny grass, I refuse to count the minutes And abandon myself into the light And into this book with potential. In a cone of rays, Life seems logical And nature an expected component, Fast from the arrogant asphalt Of home.


THE PoFTL NEWSLETTER – Nov 2019 HELLO you … you you… you snooping through the PoFTL blog from time to time! First of all, THANK YOU for all your comments and visits, it is great to have you in the community! The last weeks have been marked by very intense action and I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts and […]

Daisy lesson

The rain is coming And the daisy closes its petals Waiting patiently for the good day. Nature tells the way. Let time pass, And stay closed Looking inside For the turmoil to be over.

14 Sep 2019

Success homology

The absurd colours of nature Ones me with their extravagance and personality. No such bravery is permitted In the world of humans. Homologation as a rule to success Reveals its limits In the grey of clothes And the monochrome of personalities.

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