No way! In Nature?!?!

So happy to see an article on how poetry helps scientists in Nature! Advertisements


Slap me nature, please

Spring knocked and nobody opened. It slammed the door to our face, Wake up! You cannot stop nature, You cannot stop the revolution, It will slap you awake Each time you are lost in your data Or your handy, Or your worries.

Nature spin

The push to that leaf on the pavement Was invisible, Yet it rotated and stopped dry When i passed. Nature surrounds me And its energy must touch me. I spin and spin each day From home to work, To shops, to strangers, Faithful to nature.

Nature WTF?

Needles of rain in a bright hopeful sun Surprise after a day of struggle And closing doors on my face. When you surrender and stop fighting and planning, Nature winks at you And pulls tricks out of her bag.

Stubborn desire forward

No window is open enough Or garden fresh sufficiently Today. When you are on a hunt And curious to poke nature, There is always a step forward. Tiny snails, reason vapour, atmospheric dust Ageing bananas, mysterious taste of sausage, Hardening soap, menstruations pain, Everything pushes a question forward And a foot forward

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