Sweet protein life

Some proteins survive boiling, Some enzymes live happily ever after The long drop freezing, Some peptides bind like a child to a mum, Tight. I will be a curly lysozyme today, Hard working and efficient, Yet sweet to taste. Advertisements


Protein army

To which protein I owe my day? To the social that makes me breath? To the tiny that shuttle energy? Or to the millions outside my body? Many and unique, Little soldiers with limited life and a focused target, Proteins give me everyday That molecular food I cannot find on my table.

Sleepy protein

I hear you whispering from the empty lab, Lazy protein of mine. Your deep sleep has stopped Once the students are back And your demand for attention woke up. The other requests me And writing is consuming Of time and energy. Go back to sleep, Unique protein of mine And your time to play will … Continue reading Sleepy protein