Reason on me

You try to follow But cannot grasp the subtle logic. A simple experiment Marked my day and my work forever. Will that results define me? My career? Will this topic be me forever? Changing road is hard, when success strikes.

Lab galateo

Extra curricular manners come with you Each day from home, As a prof or a student. Pick up a smile together with your lab coat. Help me find the positive control Among my messy samples. Keep your bottles to your bench , I need space to mix and match. Make your deadlines gentle To guide […]

Welcome ✌️ !

I have no idea of how you found this blog but I am so glad you did! This is a scientist’s blog born in 2016 with the short post titled Decision addiction that has so far collected 1 ‘like’! Sweet! I hope you like flowers and urban gardens! I am a PhD-ed biologist/geneticist who crossed […]


Your pipettes are still smoking And your notes on scrap paper When the holidays arrive. A feeling of incomplete and guilt descends While you leave the long concrete corridor. your mind rushes to plan and refine elegant experiments Not to waste time While your bikini awaits you.

In the lab you are not the priority

I cross the glass door And another set of rules Sits on my shoulders and shouts. Hands are hesitant, the risk analysis is fast, The location controlled, My breathing not a priority anymore.

Limitless corner

Reason alone in a corner, Curled up in thoughts of limitless costs And added your innovation bloom Like when you were A just arrived first-year student. Thoughts of Time and money Chain your unique ideas To a desk at the end of the classroom Buy few steps Will take you forward.

Scientist army

Scientists to succeed Avid writer of peculiar stories With no suspension marks. Eliminating doubts And fighting mistrust They put the borders of knowledge A bit more on focus At each excitement. Pushing the border a step each, They are solitary fighters In a worldwide effort.


Superpowers hide In the folds of small papers And in the bars of your graph. Superscientist runs and calculates With hands and mind Digging for gold in a pile of errors. Superboss imagines and visualize The scene behind the corner Before tomorrow comes. SuperStudent looks deep and polishes The corners that unattended bring shadows to […]

Sleepy protein

I hear you whispering from the empty lab, Lazy protein of mine. Your deep sleep has stopped Once the students are back And your demand for attention woke up. The other requests me And writing is consuming Of time and energy. Go back to sleep, Unique protein of mine And your time to play will […]

Grateful acceptance

Being grateful is a blessing That opens your eyes To the magic of evolution and its products. The rainbow in the water Are Fluorescent proteins that swim in the sea. In the lab, they enchant the students Who struggle to accept the reality But like small magic sticks are close on our side to uncover […]

Young heart in the lab

I see your young eyes investigate the lab Still blind to the unsolved forms In each corner. The will to learn comes with a fear and a personal journey That is never considered and hard to predict In intensity. Your basis is solid yet green Holding promise for us all Too old but not too […]

Patience feed

With chocolate I feed my patience Towards inefficient professionals And cloudy forecasts. They define and delimit my thoughts Giving clarity to what might need a decision But can wait. Differences reinforce my convictions And the voice, trembling, will follow.

Storm on the ladder

My bench is a cliff On the conflicting sea of research. Waves surprise the interns On their journey to the land of skills. Cold winds overtake the students Who battle between confidence and learning. Monsters spin the scientists around Who lose their orientation But keep their feet on the ground And rebuild their independence and […]

Struggle is my name

Words that tell the truth But they are not complete Fall unheard by the students. Correlations with no soul Align to my desire. What is true, what is real? I open my eyes and become aware Of value and significance.