Lab galateo

Extra curricular manners come with you Each day from home, As a prof or a student. Pick up a smile together with your lab coat. Help me find the positive control Among my messy samples. Keep your bottles to your bench , I need space to mix and match. Make your deadlines gentle To guide … Continue reading Lab galateo



Your pipettes are still smoking And your notes on scrap paper When the holidays arrive. A feeling of incomplete and guilt descends While you leave the long concrete corridor. your mind rushes to plan and refine elegant experiments Not to waste time While your bikini awaits you.

Limitless corner

Reason alone in a corner, Curled up in thoughts of limitless costs And added your innovation bloom Like when you were A just arrived first-year student. Thoughts of Time and money Chain your unique ideas To a desk at the end of the classroom Buy few steps Will take you forward.

Sleepy protein

I hear you whispering from the empty lab, Lazy protein of mine. Your deep sleep has stopped Once the students are back And your demand for attention woke up. The other requests me And writing is consuming Of time and energy. Go back to sleep, Unique protein of mine And your time to play will … Continue reading Sleepy protein