Sweet breakfast

The lab is dark, the sun is rising far away And the questions of yesterday Open once again Like pages of a thick book. In the darkness, a square of blue light Attracts me. My computer has been calculating and not sleeping To give such a sweet breakfast. Advertisements


Proteins are sweet and strong ❤ lysozyme

I couldn’t resist writing about the sweetest protein I have touched.I hope you will enjoy the reading and I am looking forward to your comments.

If BATMAN was a SWEET protein

This laptop cover features the crystal structure of the sweet-tasting protein thaumatin from the African berry Thaumatococcus daniellii  (PDB ID: 4OX6). Other details: • 100% neoprene • Weight 13”—220 g / 15”—260 g • Snug fit and faux fur interior lining • Lightweight and resistant to water, oil, and heat • Top-loading zippered enclosure with two sliders

Sweet protein life

Some proteins survive boiling, Some enzymes live happily ever after The long drop freezing, Some peptides bind like a child to a mum, Tight. I will be a curly lysozyme today, Hard working and efficient, Yet sweet to taste.

1thw: Creativity in the SHOP

In moments of boredom or concern, seeing how beautiful the structures of nature are can reassure and inspire! I went back to my favourite molecules and selected some protein structures to bring some dynamism and creativity in our SHOP. Have a look at the NEW items with this protein! This crystal structure belongs to the THE SWEET PROTEIN THAUMATIN that is a protein… Continue Reading →

Purposeful chocolate

Focus and quick typing lead to the perfect manuscript. Focus feeds on dark tannic chocolate, typing burns calories and sweet molecules. The chemistry in my body brings science and creativity to the world.

Dance me to the moon

I jump in the air while sitting still In this pinky sunset in a deserted office. I sing in my head pretending to listen In this meeting with too few friends. I dance to a sweet melody For each moment that gives me clarity.

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