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Language journey

Proud and waiting for its start, I take my credit card and promise To embark on this new journey. A group of strangers Are brought together by language coming from far but already coming closer.

Self protection

In this day of treasure hunts and inquisitive looks, I move slowly asking the people of the lab. Envy and demands appeared together But my persona is well defined And the borders guarded. Short but sneaky, the human fence Cannot be fooled.

Walking together

Leave me behind with no regret, I will thank you when I will reach you, Alone and proud, Tired and older. We share no path, Yet we walk together, And hold hands against the tide.

How to

Tell me how To smile without feeling empty To step up without feeling alone To express my opinion when nobody is ready to listen. Teach me how My idea can become everybody’s idea And we can enjoy its success together. Love me how I have never tasted before And I will always remember.

Live together

I’d like your hand on mine everyday And every second I tremble You will catch me. My eyes are on you And my love flying high. We share food, we share the future, We struggle to proceed alone To work alone, to succeed together. Building a together by working alone Many hours a day Is… Continue Reading →


Outside my window only a far land And a distant town Put boundaries to my creativity. No eyes are staring But looks are guessing This woman with no fear That always asks more and pushes the limit. I stare at my hands And hold them together Because they are my best friend.

Story hourglass

Even when you are not watching The story is formed. Senseless moments That seem distracting As a grain to your hourglass. Bigger and smaller lessons Are taught when you are not listening Our shown by the behaviour Of that streams guy walking by. All the grains are stored together But gave their value When spent… Continue Reading →

Migrating every day

Ducks migrate all together Outside my window. Remind me of a direction you can only feel Inside And an arrival you approach But might never see. Eating all together, sleeping all together, And traveling as a single with others Towards that destination Behind the clouds that you see for the first time.

Proceedings and pausing

You can pause for a day, a week, And nobody sees your standing. You alone Are creating. Your mind, your imagination Is processing yours next steps And gluing together your achievements. What comes next is in the picture But still unfocused until your superpowers Are redefined.


Behind my screen A little red-haired girl sits and calculates The results of a decisive experiment. Little smiles appear sometimes together with the fast movements of her hand. An hectic Typing tells me she likes the risk Of a complex high-potential experiment And already tastes the sweet flavor of discovery.

Risotto protocol

Mixing and measuring feeding my imagination To engage my stomach. Oil and onion, rice and red wine In precise controlled amounts Jump on the scale. Unexpected and imaginary Ingredients join together into a delicate fairy flavour That diffuses from a steaming Calderon In my kitchen on Sunday.


Stick to me because of nature, Years passed and we grew together, Always more compatible. My little hands recognize you, Refusing the others While we give life to a new superior entity.

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