Coffee is back

Many years as distant friends

have collapsed in a blink

and sank into a hot cup that reassures

my hand and my wild thoughts.

Regret tastes not good

to me and is a dish I do not order.

Even a cup of coffee can be half full.


Commuting is empowering for stressed mums

I was yesterday on the train thinking about the time spent commuting and if it is s sacrifice or not… I put my ideas together int his short piece for Medium.

Commuting is empowering for stressed mums→ discover how to turn it to your favour

If you like it and find it interesting, I would love you to comment, share it, and clap, of course.

in the train to commute, a peaceful time

New material

I was thinking how to have a moment of rest at work when tasks get too demanding and my brain is tired… I collected these 6 ideas in the latest infographic of having a moment of rest without your colleagues to notice. What do you think? What’s your favourite? 💤

6 ways to look busy at work, how to pretend you are working in the lab

Shaking it

It is still not clear

What makes the centrifuge tilt

And make me question my worth.

Is the centrifuge balanced? And me?

Can i fulfil simple tasks at my age?

Am i again not trusting myself at my age?

The loud noise shakes me up

And the sentences fall void.

Ice-cream crave

Burps and snores in my atmosphere,

Noises of a resting lab,

In the summer heat and idle.

Proteins and bacteria,

Cells and solutions,

Ice and old ideas

Lay together in the absence the desired material.

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