03 Jun 2020

Proteins at their best: crystals!

Getting bored on a Sunday night, I have decided to get lost into the world of protein crystals. Insulin is used as a crystal and they are even studied as functional materials nowadays.

To read more about them click HERE.

Nothing happens

What you hold the reins

When you decide in one second

When your for moves first,

You are the protagonist.

You decide,

No other voice is asked,

Adrenalin kicks in.

Nothing happens,

You happen.

Advice trap

Pouring my doubts and chances

In the ears of the stranger in my heart

Makes the burden heavy

Yet, clear like poker cards.

What my got tells

Finds no place in the dialogues

And the final word is still mine.

Isolation purification

The limited space is the lake of boredom
Yet it tickles my creativity
Pushing my limits and my imagination.
What do I like? What’s special in me?
Is my life missing a tone?
I hear myself,
I write myself,
I suspended tha judgement
And keep moving

Grains of rice

In days of isolation,
We are little grains of rice
Standing on soft baby feet.
No music can hide the silence
In the office,
Only your laughters
can make the day brighter.

Slap me nature, please

Spring knocked and nobody opened.
It slammed the door to our face,
Wake up!
You cannot stop nature,
You cannot stop the revolution,
It will slap you awake
Each time you are lost in your data
Or your handy,
Or your worries.

Decision is no decision

I am not poor of questions
And justifications for what I see.
If suffer dividing myself
Between what I understand
And what might be absolutely correct for others.
What is right? Who is right?
I cannot tell,
No mathematics can solve it.
I obtain no decision.

Chubby fingers

I type, I type, I point
The whole day
To tell the reality from my chair-of-view.
I point and judge what is unusual
And deserving a poke.
But my fingers are still chubby,
Maybe filled still with words and opinions,
With ambition and caresses.

Lateral thinking

Facing a long road
I suggest to a small merry-go-round
And enjoy the moment
The long term project gives her,
There little result in the hands confidence
To build on
Each day.

Blowing a bubble

Data and stats reassure me
In these days of intense pasta shopping.
Rates and maps tell me where to go
And sigh in relief.
The invisible virus travels with people
Petit and minimalista
Fascinates like no influencer has ever.

The lab allaround

Observe the stones,
Dig into your garden
Classify your plants
See at the molecule-scale.
Take notes,
Make a summary,
Trust your gut but especially your observations.
Science is open, the lab is allaround.

Laws among us

Tools abound in our surroundings
And chemistry and physics
Can be explain.
The not so rounds drop,
The love of the microwave for water,
The boiling of pasta.
Phenomena that hide from us,
But also Hide laws and formulas.

I dream big

There morning is frozen
The hands cold steel
The head hidden in a pile of knitwear.
But I dream big.
I dream comfortable transportation,
I dream people supporting next to each in the train
I dream tea in my hands
I dream conversations about the future
and our pet to take decisions.
I dream all of us being the protagonist.

In the middle of this night

The days of sun and rain fuse
Into a single night
Of pondering and rebirth.
Darkness is no mother to only fear
But to creativity and new impulses.
In this long night,
The day awaits patiently
For you and the thick agenda
Proud under your arm.

Exposing my interests – train traveling

Poetry Is my window opening on a harsh day and letting a fresh breeze in. I have however started to write also longer pieces on scientific topics and often lifestyle on Medium. I get usually inspired while traveling and observing those around me. Each of us with a different way of wasting time. I like their serious contents and vivid community. If you would like to follow my activities also there, just click the link above and enjoy that second creative space!

Time in the train
Resonates with the people
who live more than one life.
Work, family, self, always take place
In different locations
But merge in a single single body. đź’“

Don’t own a car, claim your freedom

So many cars around and so little mindfulness… I am so happy with my solution!

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Cars are great, don’t get me wrong.

Proteins are sweet and strong ❤ lysozyme

I couldn’t resist writing about the sweetest protein I have touched.
I hope you will enjoy the reading and I am looking forward to your comments.


lysozyme is also used in wine preservation

Fires of shame

A climate warming up

Among denial and hope

Entraps us in smoke and hides our shame.

We make baby steps

But grow brave.

Biting ambition, we stand together.

Charming brain

Physical touch as a surprise

Wakes me up in the lab.

Caught up by my brain activities

And passionate planning

I forgot my presence, my breasts, my curls,

My natural charm.

My forehead corrugated and my heart

longing for an experiment to end.

The impossible happened.