Your silence kills me
And amplifies your expectations in my head
How to think of something cheerful
When everything is wet and sticky?
I will write, I will sing and I smile but not for you.


In silence I observe and absorb,
The Black smoke you exhale and corrupts me.
I will elaborate later the damage and the pain,
In unluckily situations I cannot foresee,
It will approach the surface and burn you
With the fear and anger I grew.


Head down I run,
mumbling numbers and dreaming a future of independence
I hold my breath and smile.
I know it is not forever and each sigh is crucial.
I will, I'll do, they'll do, I'll go.

Adventure in the lab

Take me to the moon,
Lead me to unexplored science corners
And reward my curiosity.
My heart takes me to the edge
And raises questions I don’t understand,
Is this real? Is this feasible?
I like risk and by adrenaline rushes I am fuelled.
You can see me jumping the edge already.

Safety Rules

The rules of the lab
Don’t apply to life.
I wish there would be safety rules to be enforced
And safety goggles not to see sadness.
I would wear my white coat
And have no fear.
Unluckily not,
You have to figure out the rules
And play your unique game.


Fast On the train
I escape the lab and find nature.
Sunlight, breeze and spark colours
Tickle my imagination and my dormant rationality.


You tell me to stop and focus,
To find the core of my research
And its unique settling point.
I am shocked and started at the million usp I see worthy time and money
In front of me.
Why don’t you see it?


You tell me to stop and focus,
To find the core of my research
And its unique settling point.
I am shocked and started at the million usp I see worthy time and money
In front of me.
Why don’t you see it?

Decision addiction

I always reconsider decisions a million and one times
Looking for the best, the fastest, the most elegant way
That takes me from routine to design
And that give me room to offer my science
With no regret.

Everyday lab

Between uncertainties and errors
I draw my line and lay my questions
While I wait for the eureka
And sigh at the bench.


The feeling of loss,
Dissolved in water,
Turbulent worthless water
Produces richness and value
In my little salty being.


Stick to me because of nature,
Years passed and we grew together,
Always more compatible.
My little hands recognize you,
Refusing the others
While we give life to a new superior entity.


Give me oxygen, I cannot breath
Shake me more, shake me faster
Here you are little molecule
I found you.


On the edge of micrograms
I observe this world
And wonder what matters,
What makes a difference.

Laccase me

Thinking blue, thinking copper,
I sink in rings and oxygen bubbles.
How to describe perfect coordination?
Little hands hold the ion,
Tiny rings lay in you,
And magic happens.


A life of rationality is laid by straight questions and sharp answers.
All is planned and the future holds no secret,
For those who live in the lab.
Poked by freedom and creativity,
We follow our instinct and vague experience,
To lift the carpet of discoveries.


Spot the top taste,
Divide the deluding dichotomies,
To tell a tale of lucid technology.
Welcome the reader, put your tools on the table,
and paint your discoveries with only straight lines and rigid angles.
They will read it, they will reason it,
It will happen.

Struggle is my name

Words that tell the truth
But they are not complete
Fall unheard by the students.
Correlations with no soul
Align to my desire.
What is true, what is real?
I open my eyes and become aware
Of value and significance.

Alone in the lab

Stars outside sneak through the blinds
Curious of my flame.
Frenetic and yawning I focus
On the fire and on my hands.
Tiptoeing among the tubes
Double thinking all my movements
Rejecting sleep and doubts
I slowly proceed.

Colony picking

Rescue me from a world of mutants,
you don’t see my beauty and my uniqueness.
Filled with potential here I lie.

On the way to the lab

The sun is shy today
And clouds seem to buffer
The full potential of a day in the lab.
Trepidation takes me there,
Expectations drive my walk to the bench,
Reasoning on unheard hypotheses
Excites my ego and hurries my hands.

Manuscript core

Spell, correct, abbreviate,
Own the judgment,
Respect the community.
Formulas and curves to embrace,
Hypotheses and deductions that drive,
To uncover the hidden beauty of nature.