Fellow Blogs

There are a few websites/blogs I like to follow for their topic, or graphics, or ambition!

Here they are collected for me not to forget to check them, and for you to discover.

💨 ENGINEERING WITH ROSIE is a YouTube channel about wind power with great locations and nerdy explanations… this is my kind of stuff!

🍗 FIRST DATE COOKING – Traditional and multicultural recipes from a female philosopher, loving it!

melanzane, testo per piadina, Gusseisen-Pfanne, anelli di melanzane

WITH A SCIENCE DEGREE – I love the idea of showing where a science degree can take you!

BACK TO BIOS – Communicating science is hard, this blog makes reading about science a pleasure!

POETRY by Claudia McGill – I like her Haikus, they are often funny!

Ainguraphoto – A very active photoblog focusing on nature

🐸TAUNUSFROSCH – Hiking in good company in Germany’s sweetest region

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