The train slapped me awake

On my thick scarf,

Snowflakes were timid and nesting away

Giving me a the pleasure of a cold breeze.

I dreamt my coming holidays,

I planned my work to the boring detail,

I envisioned and felt the warmth of my family,

Until the train stopped again.

It stopped me.


The new year fell on us

The data are running wild chasing each

other in the living room,

the words of the manuscript are looking for a closure

among the glassware,

and another year passed.

Attending the details left from the year of the focus,

the new year fell on us with clarity and love.

Red and blue

I paint in red this Thursday

of severe miscommunication.

My headache is red like fire.

The wall in from of me is covered in flames.

Blue cold sense is born in the chaos.

Ideas are clear and still like water.

The waves lull and cuddle without any disturbance of the mind.