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introduction to protein structures


Holding right to my brain That floats and shakes in this period of frustration. Water is warm and waved are regular, Like boredom that slowly Embrace you day by day Until you forget your passions And what makes you special. You decide that, Not those outside.

Clean room

The automatic glass door that hides you In moments of planning and hope Will protect you With her silence Now that you are lost. Pride, safety, amusement, All together when the numbers do not tell a good story.

Remember the fridge

Thinking about the different places where I have worked… only the fridge never lies! Corporate culture is in the fridge: the cold litmus test If you like it and find it interesting, I would love you to comment, share it, and clap, of course.

FREE material: MOTTOs

I have sometimes short sentences popping up that motivate me and like to sketch them and keep them on my desk. Here you find one inviting you to take time to write some poetry.


WELCOME! I have designed a few objects hoping to make you smile and bring that smile to work … with cute socks, relaxing stickers, or a colour–changing coffee cup. I imagine them coming with you either to work all day at the computer in your office corner, or running here and there in the lab!… Continue Reading →

Arrogance allowed

I learn by the example, Your arrogance gave me a new code of ethics. You are my model and you will succeed. I will learn, imitate, absorb, And sit in the corner.


I like playing with colors to drive attention to the beauty of nature. I hope you like the effect on this tiny backpack 🙂

Commuting is empowering for stressed mums

I was yesterday on the train thinking about the time spent commuting and if it is s sacrifice or not… I put my ideas together int his short piece for Medium. Commuting is empowering for stressed mums→ discover how to turn it to your favour If you like it and find it interesting, I would… Continue Reading →

NEW Layout!

Hello 🙂 I decided for a layout that shows more posts at the ame time, how do you like it? Is it slow to upload? Looking forward to your feedback and vsits!

Terms and conditions/ Disclaimer

This is a personal blog. This blog uses ads and I receive a small compensation for their appearance. Revenues are used to support the blog and donated to science-funding organizations. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the blog owner and do not represent those of people, institutions… Continue Reading →


Your pipettes are still smoking And your notes on scrap paper When the holidays arrive. A feeling of incomplete and guilt descends While you leave the long concrete corridor. your mind rushes to plan and refine elegant experiments Not to waste time While your bikini awaits you.

Fellow blogs

A German friend has started a blog about hiking called TAUNUSFROSCH . I have added it to our special page for fellow blogs. Have you had the chance of any of them?  WITH A SCIENCE DEGREE – I love the idea of showing where a science degree can take you!  BACK TO BIOS – Communicating science is hard,… Continue Reading →


… soon releasing the next Newsletter! You are still on time to register for it, just click here.

Pretty little book

Tiny and tidy in white and gold You will secure my thoughts and plans For a future of jumps and bubbles. Not a diary, Not a child anymore, Not an agenda, I will dictate the time, Words and numbers will be equals, Time will be subjective.

Alone forward

Finding a courageous snail on the way tells a journey that never ends and marked by value and purpose. Nature, a tiny house, sliding through the dangers and annoyances, and a scratchy tongue what you need to survive.

Free roaming scientists

When the lab is closed The rules relax And your hands rest. You can follow your hunger And do the alcohol. There controlled world is far, Time is a new canvas.

Black noise

The fight is not the way Not mine To prove or win A satisfaction vane. You poke me and trick me When i despise you And your darkness. Pick up your slippers, It’s off.

The community

Our community is growing, I am very happy! Poetry from the lab gets hundreds of visits each day!Remember you can also subscribe to the non-regular work-in-progress newsletter here (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

In the middle of this night

The days of sun and rain fuse Into a single night Of pondering and rebirth. Darkness is no mother to only fear But to creativity and new impulses. In this long night, The day awaits patiently For you and the thick agenda Proud under your arm.

Welcome ✌️ !

I have no idea of how you found this blog but I am so glad you did! This is a scientist’s blog born in 2016 with the short post titled Decision addiction that has so far collected 1 ‘like’! Sweet! I hope you like flowers and urban gardens! I am a PhD-ed biologist/geneticist who crossed… Continue Reading →

The scare of the invisible

The flow of thoughts is personal And the actions the only thing we can judge. The scare of mental illness Is actual but not a stalker. What you cannot see deters. The hard to describe reminds us of our differences.


The year starts dark And cold on my face While you sleep sweet. Tiny and helpless in your bed, You gather your strength and fearless Explore and learn each day. Brave, yet a baby, Curious, yet checking on mum, Each day you grow away And into my life.

With a science degree

The scientific community is like a big family, each person has a passion and succeeding generations build a legacy. It has been an honour being featured in With a Science Degree Thank you Elizabeth @aScienceDegree !

Letting go

Summer is the tip If a year of work and satisfaction. A long slide is now ahead And my hair waiting to fly. Time sticks to my hands And I long into it for too long Its forgotten faces, the I will never talk to you again, The let’s hold hands and let’s forget Make… Continue Reading →

Silly coffee

I cannot judge your dream or your pathit is only yours and your vision is a unicum.You assemble the pathand drive with a chin high upas only your dream deserves.Words fall shortadvices gather dust,only examples and smiles push you forward.

Stubborn desire forward

No window is open enough Or garden fresh sufficiently Today. When you are on a hunt And curious to poke nature, There is always a step forward. Tiny snails, reason vapour, atmospheric dust Ageing bananas, mysterious taste of sausage, Hardening soap, menstruations pain, Everything pushes a question forward And a foot forward

The bio life

Care and protection Give value to the product you trust. Proteins and sugar, nothing is added. But everything is bio And natural in a sense When made by man.

Cosmetic means inside

They call it cosmetic But it penetrates  your life And puts a spin on your mood, as it lays on your skin. Not anymore invisible, Your attention is caught. Warmed up but the self care, You will always be your best friend.

The community

So happy to see the community of Poetry from the lab grow! Remember you can also subscribe to the non-regular work-in-progress newsletter here (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

FLASKY Pom-Pom Beanie

A soft and comfy hat for the cold days when you need some visibility! Other details: • 100% acrylic • One size fits all • 12” (30.5 cm) knit • Fold-over 3” (7.6 cm) cuff • Pom-pom on top -If yellow is not available, navy will be shipped.

The h-number

I see this article from a journal with no name I see hard work and raining, I see little attention and care from the society. Science is competitive Science is a fight with no weapons Science is made by friends Science gives you a 14 as an h-number.


I thought of sharing my favourite images, I use them as desktop backgrounds and I hope you’ll enjoy them too! You can find them here or smaller in this post.

Fellow Blogs

There are a few websites/blogs I like to follow for their topic, or graphics, or ambition! Here they are collected for me not to forget to check them, and for you to discover. 💨 ENGINEERING WITH ROSIE is a YouTube channel about wind power with great locations and nerdy explanations… this is my kind of stuff!… Continue Reading →

Lab is…

Working in the lab means you have to change your behaviour to ensure safety and reproducibility.. .but this extends to so many other aspect. Who would say that your clothing should also change? In this series I will show a few ideas of what working in the lab really means.

Snowy hearts

Cold texture of pure poetry Falling romantic on the street, you, snow of this troubled winter, Warm up my heart. Unexpected and desired, You infused magic in a routine too calculated And hands that only work, And do not caress enough.

Coffee straight from hell

I have no time to wait, This coffee will never see the room temperature. I drink quick, I jump to the next task, My tongue is burning, I will taste it later. Burning hot, you are My favourite Coffee straight from hell.

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