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I read many posts from very interesting blogs dealing with science or art but I often forget to follow on them!ใ‹ก My solution? This NEW page ๐Ÿ˜Š Advertisements


Fellow Blogs

There are a few websites/blogs I like to follow for their topic, or graphics, or ambition! Here they are collected for me not to forget to check them, and for you to discover. โ˜ธ WITH A SCIENCE DEGREE –-> I love the idea of showing where a science degree can take you! https://withasciencedegree.com โ˜„ BACK … Continue reading Fellow Blogs


This is a scientistโ€™s blog with more than 300 posts, soon 30K visits, and more than 1K followers. I am a PhD-ed biologist/geneticist who crossed biotechnology, biochemistry, protein science, food science, material science, biomedical devices and is now curious about cosmetic science and innovation, I started working in a biochemistry lab as a student in … Continue reading Welcome!