02 Jan 2019

12 Nov 2018

05 Nov 2018

16 Oct 2018

22 Sept 2018

Autumn fire

Autumn surrounds me
And brings warmth and reasons
Worth its orange destined leaves.
The colours of fire
Bring life into a nature soon to rest.
Time will come
That the hopeful green
Will surprise me.

Forgotten apples

The last apples
Lie forgotten on the trees
In a field that has already received
its praises.
Red and sweet
They will see the winter and the snow
Of this year of transition

Autumn vibes

Get up and get inspired
In this opaque autumn day
That has nothing reserved in its poor pockets
Just for you.
Grab these dead red leaves
And colour your way to work.
Get spinned by this wind of change
And hold on
To those who know love.

7 September, 2017 21:22

15 March, 2017 18:27

14 March, 2017 07:22

30 December, 2016 11:54