Alone forward

Finding a courageous snail on the way
tells a journey that never ends
and marked by value and purpose.
Nature, a tiny house,
sliding through the dangers and annoyances,
and a scratchy tongue what you need
to survive.

Too fast too furious

Jumping high and looking over the fence
my hair becomes crazy and wild.
Blushed by the effort
I forget my aim
and end up looking ta the sky
and imagining the future.
Happy, smiling shyly, and and feeling young
I m cuddled by the fresh air and not
the stress of plans of others.

The instinct sometimes lies

The result was clear and my future
was glowing in front of me.
I had to buy it and turn my plan around.
A million ideas hit me hard and lifted
my spirit
In there lab
At home
At the gym
In the park.
My plan was a success
My mind.
My plan changed fast and twisted its way around.
I bought it, it arrived, it sat idle on the shelf.