Under the pillow,
Above the shelves
The recipe for personal time is missing.
How to find that special moment?
How to make it last?
Breathe and think about the sun,
Nothing is in between
And nothing needs an immediate action
Unless you want it.


Shiny as polished
Glassware waits for me
And the colourful protein solutions
Of today.
Swimming and swirling
In their soup
Proteins arrange and interact
Like people in crowded squares
Showing uncontrollable attraction.


Of hearing the’ you can do it’
The’ women can do everything’
But have to struggle more.
By those who give it for granted
And just enjoy your result
Laying on their desk.
Among the comments and assumptions
For my present and my future.
Of leaving the window a bit open
And enjoying the fresh wind of opportunities.


Dancing smoothly in the dim light
I coordinate and stop
I start and block
I pull and feel deeply
The energy for the moment
While the music accelerate
And accompany me
In the rushing towards the dawn.


Wide roads and bright field
with little effort
Appear as in soapbubbles
When the future I imagine
In those instants of boredom and waste
That being the sparkle to my today.


My head in the morning
Crunches numbers and results
Screams for fresh air
That a chat with a friend
and a walk in the sun

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