I do

I love your smile
That comes from far as a surprise.
I cherish your muscles
Standing behind me with no doubt.
I have your free words
In the hungry heart of a youngster
I hold your hand tight
Even when your ideas are somewhere else.

Free roaming scientists

When the lab is closed
The rules relax
And your hands rest.
You can follow your hunger
And do the alcohol.
There controlled world is far,
Time is a new canvas.

Blowing a bubble

Data and stats reassure me
In these days of intense pasta shopping.
Rates and maps tell me where to go
And sigh in relief.
The invisible virus travels with people
Petit and minimalista
Fascinates like no influencer has ever.

Laws among us

Tools abound in our surroundings
And chemistry and physics
Can be explain.
The not so rounds drop,
The love of the microwave for water,
The boiling of pasta.
Phenomena that hide from us,
But also Hide laws and formulas.

I dream big

There morning is frozen
The hands cold steel
The head hidden in a pile of knitwear.
But I dream big.
I dream comfortable transportation,
I dream people supporting next to each in the train
I dream tea in my hands
I dream conversations about the future
and our pet to take decisions.
I dream all of us being the protagonist.

The h-number

I see this article from a journal with no name

I see hard work and raining,

I see little attention and care from the society.

Science is competitive

Science is a fight with no weapons

Science is made by friends

Science gives you a 14 as an h-number.