The story that tells itself

The paper is blank

But your days were full.

One by one you built the ladder,

Walked it hesitantly,

And sat at the top.

The story is written in solid words

and wooden sticks.

Be brave and look down,

Look back and read your limits,

The story tells itself.


Hunting and chasing in the lab

Science and life in the lab
Proceed by steps and jumps
Hunting and chasing
Unnoticed Connections and timid molecules.
Each day writes a paragraph
And each manuscript a chapter
To your autobiography of science.
Each phase of your life is reflected
In a discovery and a struggle
You soon forget even if it steers your life and career.
You will write it
One day
Your personal biography in science
Of when an uncontrolled temperature
Took you a new protein
And when that old enzyme
Played a new trick.