Chemical dinner

Carbon bond fed me today

In the shape of jolly meat and rich starch.

Chemistry had always given me a bad smile

But today made my stomach happy.

Energy, molecules,enthalpy,

It all makes sense now.


My pocket is empty

Mu pocket is full

But nobody must know.

Everything small comes with me

And chocolate, candies and notes

Arrange in a new tribe.

The lab is food-free,

A condition incompatible with life.

The lab feeds your mind,

But who feeds your belly?

The Hunger of knowledge

Turns into Hunger of carbon.

Protein army

To which protein

I owe my day?

To the social that makes me breath?

To the tiny that shuttle energy?

Or to the millions outside my body?

Many and unique,

Little soldiers with limited life and a focused target,

Proteins give me everyday

That molecular food

I cannot find on my table.

Food hunt

I am starving today
For those warm afternoons running in the fields
And those silent evenings reflecting on a book.
Food for the avid mind
And food for the temperamental belly
Do not overlap
And are complementary.

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