06 Sept 2020

photo of flowers looking like balls in the field

The geometry nobody can grab

Round and open
Broken and hungry
No single word call tell
How the heart
Formulas and text
Can tell only briefly
The molecular dynamics
Of that fractal residence of hope.
No scientist or professor

Can grab
The geometry of the heart.

Unleash and enjoy

Boundaries and walls
White lines on the field
Not to follow
But to embrace and explore
The within.
Definitions simplify the reality
Group by similarity
Cancel our uniqueness
And duty to grow and change.
Unleash the definitions that others
stuck to your back
And gallop.


I wish fluorescent proteins were everywhere around me… have seen this magic mug with the GFP in false colours? Check out the latest entry in the shop here.

This is the layout

and this is the magic mug with a thermochromic finish and lots of fluorescent proteins

Healing plants

Naive and green backgrounds
Of days marked by decisions,
Plants can help and become dear friends.
Comforting chocolate and warm chamomile
Support my journey
To the land nobody promised.
Flowers of mallow and leaves of mint hug
each page of my diary.