Future today

What hides in the grass

Grown in this day of transition?

Fruits like Easter eggs

Are hard to see,

Yet precious and rewarding

For the eye of the naïve.

Work, health, friends, emails, future plans

Are ripening hidden in the green

Of hope and routine.


Love study

Love is green

And grows unattended

Between your pinky toes.

Soft and flexible

You do not notice it

Still enjoy its silent support.

Years have passed

Studies have been completed,

Or only new?

Migrant bananas

The tropics are here
In the yellow curves on the table
And in my pocket.
Banal fruits we give for granted,
Travelled in group
Scared and green
To my table.
Like migratory birds at their first adventure,
They matured.

18 September, 2017 22:08

17 September, 2017 07:38

10 September, 2017 21:07

24 August, 2017 20:26

18 August, 2017 21:13

zoomed picture of yellow wild flower

wp 20170729 003

16 August, 2017 21:26

zoomed picture of green moss gworing in a crack of the pavement

wp 20170729 009

Green lunch

On the path to health,
I push my will to the green department
and decorate my fork with leafy plants.
Unaddictive yet original,
it anchors my roots to the ground
and liberates my artificial worries.

3 August, 2017 21:49

Photo of a bush with a fluorescent spray paint

wp 20170729 030

10 July, 2017 20:54

Green Energy

On a lonely walk in the hills
I go picking scenes of naïve nature
And take them home
In my arms.
The power of the green
Cleans and restored
The energy we are born with.

14 June, 2017 20:50

Sharp image of bush with dark red berries

wp 20161016 001 2

11 June, 2017 21:19

Zoomed picture of a twig with regularly spaced leaves

wp 20170521 025 2

4 June, 2017 23:21

29 May, 2017 18:31

Zoomed picture of green Japanese flowers in the sun

wp 20170527 16 39 12 pro

28 May, 2017 19:07

Zoomed picture of purple Japanese flowers in the sun

wp 20170527 16 36 05 pro

New path in the forest

Don’t abandon me
In this green forest with hidden lives and rumors.
The sun its high and the heat a curse
For an animal like me
Whose skin is gentle and the soul pale.
With no reference and no voice,
Only a new path is possible
And of already started behind me.

21 May, 2017 17:50

Zoomed picture of green dandelion flower buds

wp 20170521 035 2