Looking through the summer

Stuck at home with big windows
I can read the reality of trees and birds.
I connect, I discuss, I work myself
via a cable
With no personality or fingerprints.
The summer will fly by
On the winds of a bee
With its shy pale skin at first
And its stupid red face later.
My face.

Isolation purification

The limited space is the lake of boredom
Yet it tickles my creativity
Pushing my limits and my imagination.
What do I like? What’s special in me?
Is my life missing a tone?
I hear myself,
I write myself,
I suspended tha judgement
And keep moving

Grains of rice

In days of isolation,
We are little grains of rice
Standing on soft baby feet.
No music can hide the silence
In the office,
Only your laughters
can make the day brighter.

No connection

No signal, alone, no network,
reassure me while moving
through the day.
What is needed is here
and the energy gets lost in the web
of relations and demands.


I am thrilled
By the pursuance of your support
And your clear reading of reality.
Trying not to personally analyse
The surrounding actors,
I guard my core
And hide,
Behind a little golden fence
Of love.

Green protein with glitter

Dear Santa
hanging from that balcony
Be brave and purify my protein
That is really what I want.
You know my heart and see the future
You know that green protein can really help me.
All proteins are equally pretty
And with functions of majestic importance
But only the green one has glitter on its wings
that can cheer up my 2017.