A smiley shopper bag with yellow strands
A smiley shopper with yellow strands always brings joy.

Purple @SHOP

nerdy shopping presenting a  pillow with purple pèrotein structures
The pillow features a pattern composed by the crystal structure of the nucleocapsid protein-ssDNA complex from the tomato spotted wilt tospovirus (PDB ID:5IP3)

Visualising experiments

Out of the lab
Each small mystery of nature triggers
My mind to investigate
And tell a story
Of tiny molecules and waves of light.
There kitchen reveals tools
And the Telefon is a new microscope
And food my friendly reagents.

Behind the mask

Solvents and bubbling acids
Were sitting in front of my mask.
Careful and diligent with my hands,
I was protecting my experiment.
The mask hugs humid and sticky my face
Even today
When I am not in there lab.
Scared faces and worried hands move in my view,
What a new feeling.
The lab went out, it’s in the street,
It is in our home.

Vaccine love

Waiting in line
To get challenged and stand up for myself.
Teaching my body, after teaching my mind
To be resilient
Learning to fight the dark side of the world.

Free roaming scientists

When the lab is closed
The rules relax
And your hands rest.
You can follow your hunger
And do the alcohol.
There controlled world is far,
Time is a new canvas.

Isolation purification

The limited space is the lake of boredom
Yet it tickles my creativity
Pushing my limits and my imagination.
What do I like? What’s special in me?
Is my life missing a tone?
I hear myself,
I write myself,
I suspended tha judgement
And keep moving

Grains of rice

In days of isolation,
We are little grains of rice
Standing on soft baby feet.
No music can hide the silence
In the office,
Only your laughters
can make the day brighter.

Slap me nature, please

Spring knocked and nobody opened.
It slammed the door to our face,
Wake up!
You cannot stop nature,
You cannot stop the revolution,
It will slap you awake
Each time you are lost in your data
Or your handy,
Or your worries.

Chubby fingers

I type, I type, I point
The whole day
To tell the reality from my chair-of-view.
I point and judge what is unusual
And deserving a poke.
But my fingers are still chubby,
Maybe filled still with words and opinions,
With ambition and caresses.

Blowing a bubble

Data and stats reassure me
In these days of intense pasta shopping.
Rates and maps tell me where to go
And sigh in relief.
The invisible virus travels with people
Petit and minimalista
Fascinates like no influencer has ever.

The lab allaround

Observe the stones,
Dig into your garden
Classify your plants
See at the molecule-scale.
Take notes,
Make a summary,
Trust your gut but especially your observations.
Science is open, the lab is allaround.

Laws among us

Tools abound in our surroundings
And chemistry and physics
Can be explain.
The not so rounds drop,
The love of the microwave for water,
The boiling of pasta.
Phenomena that hide from us,
But also Hide laws and formulas.

Don’t own a car, claim your freedom

So many cars around and so little mindfulness… I am so happy with my solution!

View at

Cars are great, don’t get me wrong.

Proteins are sweet and strong ❤ lysozyme

I couldn’t resist writing about the sweetest protein I have touched.
I hope you will enjoy the reading and I am looking forward to your comments.

lysozyme is also used in wine preservation

Alone with the plan

The door is closed and the lights dim

When I look into the future of this adventure.

Only alone I see the reason,

the hidden underwater thread

Passing idle

Through my days and my hands.

I wish it was passing through my head.

Paper cup with no logo

One hand is occupied

Nu the heart and craze of coffee.

Cups shout a shop and an addition

But not mine.

I Reuse, I wash, my cup tells my name

And my will to action

Each morning.

Cite me

Once it’s out,

It has all the handwriting

And labsweat in figures and captions.

Your going one step beyond

Deserves a light and a stage.

An article is a haute couture piece

For few but always an enchanted experience.

Raining your name

I am rain of numbers

In this stream of data and strings

When your name falls.

Many years gone by

Under the sun and under the clouds.

Only to me it is

Still a punch in the stomach

Happy birthday to me

The candles are standing fierce

On a cake owed for years.

Sometimes time has run faster than me

And i felt unprepared.

Some days it was lagging behind me

Giving me some rest

And time to dream.

The h-number

I see this article from a journal with no name

I see hard work and raining,

I see little attention and care from the society.

Science is competitive

Science is a fight with no weapons

Science is made by friends

Science gives you a 14 as an h-number.

Sitting in the sunlight

Envy, waves and beads

Hit and hear up my face.

the joy of knowing is a warm sun inside my belly.

The head is cold and rationality

a blue finch flying fast.

Knowledge enters each day through my senses

To sleep in my soft female belly.

Knowing is power,

Knowing is sorted in the chubby tissue.

Independent in the numbers

Quality of life has no numbers

Yet statistics tell me i am good.

Money and food i hunt and gather

To reach the end of the month,

Hugs are not measurable and



20 January, 2020 12:23

A low frequency plays in the background

And high-pitched words puncture my face,

Right here.

The acoustic pollution is sometimes exciting,

The environment is always a challenge

For a small animal

Making her way with only words and opinions.

Yellow rice

Joy and cuddles jump out of the bowl

Of my overcooked yellow rice.

The chemicals of saffron hug me and restore

My balance

With a steady hand.

Keep going evolution

Stretch your toes,

Keep going forward,

Your stomach knows where is ok to rest.

Trust your radar,

Ignore your reason,

You’re am animal.

Evolution never fails.

Similar but apart

My idea was seeing them as sisters,

I was expecting a similar behaviour

and degree of spice

But the simulation lies sometimes.

Similar proteins with different personality

Make me smile while juggling.

Teaching quietly

Stones do not move freely

Unless the storm comes by surprise.

Trees bend and politely deny

The status quo.

Nature is the real teacher.

Your starry sky

The dots are connected in a new constellation

That guides me in the lab

And in the dark days.

Shiny edges enclose a destiny and a path.

Experiences are never random,

You draw your own sky.

Dance me to the moon

I jump in the air while sitting still

In this pinky sunset in a deserted office.

I sing in my head pretending to listen

In this meeting with too few friends.

I dance to a sweet melody

For each moment that gives me clarity.

The train slapped me awake

On my thick scarf,

Snowflakes were timid and nesting away

Giving me a the pleasure of a cold breeze.

I dreamt my coming holidays,

I planned my work to the boring detail,

I envisioned and felt the warmth of my family,

Until the train stopped again.

It stopped me.

The new year fell on us

The data are running wild chasing each

other in the living room,

the words of the manuscript are looking for a closure

among the glassware,

and another year passed.

Attending the details left from the year of the focus,

the new year fell on us with clarity and love.