Lab love

Feelings flourish towards
the most unexpected objects.
Glassware with a shine
powders with no clumps
squares on my paper
pave my golden path to the Wizard
while I dare to wear the red shoes.

Back into the lab

No stress for the mind
To find its train
Of thoughts and wheels
And reach again the lab.
Acquired behaviours are slow to set in
But quickly awaken.
The tools and escapes are there
The chair has been found,
The adventure continues.

Rainy Monday, smiley Monday

Rain keeps me anchored,
Lazy in lockdown and fearful in life
But my imagination travels wild.
My face sighs and demands fresh humid air.
I leave the comfort
And a friend lits a spark
In my mental algorithms and my future.
She knows how
To feed my mind and the Ambition
That on Mondays
Wakes up hungry and angry.
Little monster of mine,
I love you.

Fresh air, fresh start

A step outside the lab
Is often just enough
And the beginning of a journey.
No idea comes crushing numbers
Or relating tasks.
Fresh air oxygenates the brain
And lets your mind evade naive.
A childish mind thrives in moments of creative hunger.

Innovation lockdown

The weather is unhappy
The data very out loud from their worksheet.
This space of unsatisfaction
It’s not mine.
Time to protect the fire of ideas
In my palms
And walk slowly.

Close to you

My emails gather files
And data and ideas
Worth no future.
My folders collect dust
Shy of their ambition.
My mind runs wild and bubbly
In the field of the mind.
My hands wait and dream.

On an anonymous bench

The sun left the lockdown and came to visit

in this empty street

full of hope and will to restart naive.

My skin is pale but brave,

my brain never stopped jumping jolly

my hands impatient

Visualising experiments

Out of the lab
Each small mystery of nature triggers
My mind to investigate
And tell a story
Of tiny molecules and waves of light.
There kitchen reveals tools
And the Telefon is a new microscope
And food my friendly reagents.

The sofa experiment

Forces to the pillow,

limited by the coffee table,

I can only plan and evaluate risks.

Mistakes can appear and solutions jump right up

in my mind.

Excited like a young puppy,

i have to stop my hands.

They will run free soon

if not in my wild lab dreams.

Behind the mask

Solvents and bubbling acids
Were sitting in front of my mask.
Careful and diligent with my hands,
I was protecting my experiment.
The mask hugs humid and sticky my face
Even today
When I am not in there lab.
Scared faces and worried hands move in my view,
What a new feeling.
The lab went out, it’s in the street,
It is in our home.

Freedom Monday

A new start comes with the weeek,

open to the world,

my hands still cannot shake friendly or touch.

Limited movements are now spontaneous

and this Monday is a wider beginning.

Thundering through the weekend

Nature surprises

with its photonic power and blind disruption.

thunders energize

and I disrupt randomly

these days of isolation and family life.

Stones leave shoes after long time

words like hale dirsrupt and renew

relationships that regrow.

The sunny surprise

I have no intention of surrendering
To the tennis thoughts of idleness
And pausing the future to come.
Shops are closed,
People are far,
The dears are behind the border
Waiting to meet as new and as fresh
Migratory Birds.

Looking through the summer

Stuck at home with big windows
I can read the reality of trees and birds.
I connect, I discuss, I work myself
via a cable
With no personality or fingerprints.
The summer will fly by
On the winds of a bee
With its shy pale skin at first
And its stupid red face later.
My face.

Home office, priorities of love

Independent to give time a value,
I spread and resume
I distribute and concentrate
I hold tight and let go
Concepts and demands.
Time runs flexible
Behind questions and hypotheses.
What’s important is near
What’s important is protected
What’s important is always on my mind.

Exposing the core

The frozen panorama sits outside my window
And my emotion get louder
like chatty crows.
Nature takes over
The city and the bodies
And the decorations fall
Leaving the authentic values.
Self, loved, hugs, knowledge.

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