Sitting still, only outside

Meditation and thinking
Force your energy and focus your intentions.
Frustrate your legs
and tickle your imagination.
Is stopping moving forward?

What is reality

I see it, I touch it
Yet it feels each time different.
In the risk of the coffee
I feel a superhero
In the downs left by southeast
I see my heart astonished.
I frame you with words
I chase you with open arms,
Come to me
Or leave a message.
I have answers.

Happy birthday to me

The candles are standing fierce

On a cake owed for years.

Sometimes time has run faster than me

And i felt unprepared.

Some days it was lagging behind me

Giving me some rest

And time to dream.

Timeline exploration

Straight and thin
My timeline takes me through days and encounters
Without looking back
Only giving and never taking.
I walk it sometimes confident,
Sometimes perplexed,
Often dubious of keeping the right pace.
Always straight yet extending
between points of personal development
And thickening at times to give me time to adjust
To the new faces
that the heartfelt decisions of yesterday have brought
In this sterile office.

Painting research

Trust me when I say
Tomorrow holds no final result.
The move you made today
will take you forward
Maybe a step maybe a mile
But the final is out of sight.
Today and tomorrow will merge
And your silent efforts will translate
In a stroke of brush
On a painting that will never reach
The final version.
You watch it from too close now,
You cannot create it alone,
But you will see it the day you dare to drift back.