Motto of the end of the vacation

Once developed with silver in your mind,
No memory can be erased.

Thursday Shadow

Long and tall
On the hot asphalt
My Shadow will walk, climb,
And blend, cover, protect,
The blossoming nature.

Poem for a day at the buffet restaurant

Decision are easy
When survival is the target.
No influence or guidelines
No protocol to follow
No power pressure is allowed
When I set myself up for healthy nutrition.
I know what’s best
The body knows best
Evolution taught what is best.
We are machines optimised to survive
And fill up with nutrients.

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Poem for a sausage

Your two ends teach me life,
Decisions should not stress me
Any direction is equal
And choosing is just moving on with life.
Shout in the middle of your sausage
Step up,
Look around
with a nice drink in your hand,
Orient yourself randomly,
Start moving
Whatever you decide
Your end will be delicious.

Poem for the day you can’t stop crying

Dams are extreme measures
And you could not escape or see our coming.
Flooding cold leaves you empty,
Like a desert ready to blossom
after a long century.
Alone you watch and dig for solutions
You only have.
You will get over it,
You will learn from it
You are everything it takes
You feel better when you remember this.
You did it already
You are consoling the most important person
And you hands close on each other
And you are not alone anymore.

Poem for the day you can’t stop smiling

Walking in public had never been
so energising
And you could hug trees and streetlights
With no shame.
The moment will pass but the taste
Will be a new neuron in your head
and a new reference value.
Sweet like a daisy and mellow like chamomile,
Bubbly like the sky in spring
And solid like you have never been before
You will stand
Aiming a new high.

Poem for a lazy Sunday

The bench is a sofa
For those that search am escape
And the fresh air
Tickles those dreams that once attracted
And now stare,
Curious of the outcome and the choices.

Discovery vibe

Nothing describes the flash
Of the metal in the water
Of the fluorescent protein alone
Of the graph that tells it all.
That explosion in the head and in the belly
That moves you a hundred feet ahead
And above the clouds
Confirms your inner voice
And your undiscussed talent.


I like playing with colors to drive attention to the beauty of nature.

I hope you like the effect on this tiny backpack 🙂

a stringy backpack with flowers  by poetry from the lab

Shout out like there is no tomorrow

When you see objectification
Shout out
When you see poor fittings
Shout out
When life gives you unstable molecules
Shout out
When you feel alone and your hands are full
But your shoulders heavy
Shout out
Your support
For help
For pride
For survival
For tomorrow.

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5uv0: Creativity in the SHOP

In moments of boredom or concern, seeing how beautiful the structures of nature are can reassure and inspire! I went back to my favourite molecules and selected some protein structures to bring some dynamism and creativity in our SHOP. Have a look at the NEW items with this protein!

This crystal structure belongs to the (+)-Limonene Synthase from Citrus sinensis … that is behind the aroma of orange and limoncello!

Crystal Structure of (+)-Limonene Synthase from Citrus sinensis

This enzyme produces the aromatic molecule limonene. imonene takes its name from French limon (“lemon“). Limonene is a chiral molecule, and biological sources produce one enantiomer: the principal industrial source, citrus fruit, contains D-limonene ((+)-limonene), which is the (R)enantiomer.  D-Limonene is obtained commercially from citrus fruits through two primary methods: centrifugal separation or steam distillation.. (read more DOI: 10.1021/acs.biochem.7b00143 and Wikipedia)

Letting go

Summer is the tip
If a year of work and satisfaction.
A long slide is now ahead
And my hair waiting to fly.
Time sticks to my hands
And I long into it for too long
Its forgotten faces,
the I will never talk to you again,
The let’s hold hands and let’s forget
Make the wrinkles of my young palms.

Sunday at last

Routine tires me and each day
a challenge is born.
Many children follow me around and I chase
them like a cat fireflies.
My energy is fuelled
my smile fed
only Sundays interrupt.

Lab love

Feelings flourish towards
the most unexpected objected.
Glassware with a shine
powders with no clumps
squares on my paper
pave my golden path to the Wizard
while I dare to wear the red shoes.

Sitting still, only outside

Meditation and thinking
Force your energy and focus your intentions.
Frustrate your legs
and tickle your imagination.
Is stopping moving forward?

Rolling in the routine

I work in waves
I roll my wings in dust and stand up
I jump shy but often
I hate routine, yet I have a million of them.
I innovate my life each day
I don’t know myself
I love discovering my passions and taking time to change them
My I is not defined but shaped at each bump of the way
I choose.

The wrong map

I surf and search with no magnifying lens
This world of opportunities and visions,
Collecting puzzle pieces that match
Yet not to each other.
The game is fun,
Each day a station,
But time demanding,
The sun tells the direction,
The South is calling warm.

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