Chemical ecology

Plants communicate

standing for each other on the side of the mountain.

The attack is a surprise,

the words travel in the air.

The small are protected,

the oldpay not attention.

All individuals, we rediscover being a community.


Woman with education fitting in the society

Not alone in the journey,

Your partner brings butterflies and social benefits.

The dark looks on an educated

single woman vanish.

The joy of a diploma welcome curiosity

For the future and little satisfaction.

The questioning on your behavioural pattern

Ease at the sight of a ring.

Society and relatives have found a spot for you,

In their web of roles and topics of conversation.

Imaginary survival

Fist bump yourself
You survived this Monday of craziness
And discovering the borders of patience.
More than work it is ordinal development
And living in denial to survive
The flat energy level in the room
While you invest and build your imaginary life
Of colourful pancakes and coffees.

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