Affinity assay

I wear my coat and keep distance

When all I want is looking inside and lean over.

Will I miss the moment of truth?

Biology goes slowly

When you watch,

Yet molecules swim and dive in front of me

Looking for a coral reef to catch.

Proteins are the best huggers

And hold on forever.


PhD ending

Few questions

and the stomach in the rollercoaster

Will summarise years in the lab

And ideas coming unattended

In the night, on a hike, talking.

A chapter closes and

Yet many answers are just blank spaces.

The value for a society

Are condensed in words

For an elite.

Grateful acceptance

Being grateful is a blessing
That opens your eyes
To the magic of evolution and its products.
The rainbow in the water
Are Fluorescent proteins that swim in the sea.
In the lab, they enchant the students
Who struggle to accept the reality
But like small magic sticks are close on our side
to uncover the hidden crazy cells under the lenses of a microscope.
Value the small, be grateful
Accept the unknown.