Bad and good

Torn between hating the actions
And appreciating the person
I wonder why what makes a good person
Is so hard to identify.
I see a powerful beautiful woman
In charge of risky businesses
and with heavy on her shoulder
And yet her humanity clashes with her actions.
Work makes us bad people
As it hides our inner flame
Fearing humanity at the workplace?

Future plans

You run, you calculate,
You change your protocol
To add elegance to your experiment
And yet your voice is not heard.
Glittery shoes and colourful shirts
Cheer up your day
Give you a reason to smile
And fuel your inner motor
And Yet your effort is not valued.
What makes you comfortable
Is rare at work
And your vivid energy within faints
Day by day.
You cry and strive to imagine a future somewhere else
But is it really necessary to abandon your dream?

Testosterone-rich meeting

Why do I feel alone
When sitting in meetings
Had long been a mystery.
Curly and pretty,
Charming and over-achieving,
Meticulous and high-performing
No other woman is at the table
To share a smile
Giggle at huge error bars
Join efforts toward waved of testosterone.
This quiet my voice
Makes my feet shake
And frees my mind
To imagine other worlds
where I would feel comfortable
Raising my hands
Expressing my opinion
Asking for what I deserve.

Bus ride

I sit in the bus
Twenty minutes
Everyday dreaming of arriving to the lab
At the light’s speed.
Butterflies in my stomach
Reminds me of the experiment
that went on over night
And is waiting for me
These are the Signs of a happy enzyme
in an active mood
I can’t wait to see.


You say it is running
While you restlessly stand by the machine
that cycles and repeats elementary steps
That revolutionized biology few years ago.
As Stuck in a spinning wheel,
Hot and cold flashes alternate themselves
To make different enzymes at ease
And multiply little molecules with a precious message.

Coffee boosts discoveries

Millions of shiny balls
Bounce within my head
Drawing never-seen-before trajectories
Connecting points of questions
with faraway points of solutions.
Another sip sharpens the edges of the picture
And Injects energy into an excited system
In which the unsolved issued of today
Are paired with visionary reasonable answers.
A third sip raises the enthalpy
Enough to direct my hand on the paper
Drive the pen to visualize the solutions on the white background
And communicate the discovery
To enrich of a tiny bit the community.

Old samples shine new light

In the Chaos of My bench
I find an old sample
With its dated label and preserved content
Shines light on my old dreams
And unsolved mysteries
Of biology.
In May
few years ago
This was the key
The culprit of my living project
Deeming my success or failure.
It was hidden
Got dust and paler
Lost its value
But not to me.
It taught me a lesson
Opened a new direction
To my career and I opened the door to the unpredictable
And still live in its radiating shadow.

Conference energy

A conference room
brings your wildest scientific dreams in focus
While recharging your batteries.
That faint question mark in the back of your mind
Comes forward and expands
Into detailed defined questions
You will pursue
Step by step
once back at your desk.

Conference life

Sitting in the chilly room
Packed with senior profs and grey heads
I question my way and my judgment of s success.
Confident within a suit
They paint their vision and provide solutions
To nobody’s questions
In the narrowest of the scientific alleys.


Kinetics and calculations make me tired
PCR and agarose gels make me appreciate life
Buffer and substrate dissolution remind me of holidays.
Every day in the lab head potential of taking you away.


Stay hungry
And dream your results at night
Draw the perfect fit in your vision
Where points align and
Point to logical and error-free behaviours
In your samples.
They will come to you
in an ordered procession
And indicate the answer to the question that followed you through the years.


Happiness it’s you
the light I see behind the glass
Staring and waiting for my smile to rise
And conquer my fearful core in the lab.
Happiness it’s you
The pink halo of my sky today
Pushing slowly the important news
I long for, alone in the lab.
Happiness it’s you
The number that matches my prediction
Putting order on the unpredictable chaos of nature.


Stirring with impatience in front of me
I my stress lowers as the outcome
Of this out of the blue experiment Approaches.
Impulsive decisions lit small sparks
in this boring life made of protocols and reports.

Risotto protocol

Mixing and measuring feeding my imagination
To engage my stomach.
Oil and onion, rice and red wine
In precise controlled amounts
Jump on the scale.
Unexpected and imaginary Ingredients
join together into a delicate fairy flavour
That diffuses from a steaming Calderon
In my kitchen on Sunday.

By the lake

Searching for peace away from the lab
I scan through beaches and lakes
Enjoying a chilly beer and a warm cake.
Will I bring this calmness to my bench on Monday?


Sleep is missing
From my toolkit.
I will battle and review
from a superficial balcony
Few tiny hairy roots
Will hold me down


A punch in the stomach and the will to run away,
Is one of those sunny wavy beaches a good enough registration
To survive this discussion?
Squeezing my forehead,
Sweating and breathing
Forcibly naturally,
I let imagination take me away
But not each time a remote beach is enough.


The dark and silent corridor tells me I should not be here,

the lab is no place for night-owls and lays traps on your way.

My samples are ready and biology does not wait

for a sunny day or a cheerful colleagues to be present.

I take my numbers, throw my work once it’s done,

and head to the starry outside where lonely I head home

full of energy and grateful.

Time to go back

I sense the energy of the past shining behind my shoulders,
How it faded away is still a mystery
But I see fake smiles and manipulations
Putting sand on the flame.
Can I revive it? How to empower it to take over my life?
Slowly and steadily, on a steep solitary road
It will find its voice, my voice
And it will shout fearless and clear
As on a wooden stage.

Enzymes matter

It is just a beautiful day
To connect formulas and overlap graphs.
A freezer with dormant enzymes wait for me
To make the magic begin
And portray them in action
Whole binding molecules, while extracting electrons
While releasing the novelty they produce
In the world.

Relentless hunt

I’ll carry my grey face to bench
Also today
And perform the magic of mixing and tapping
That took me so many years to learn.
With careless attention I’ll draw schemes and note digits down
Waiting to connect the dots
and disclose the hidden figure.


Droplets of water take me and my nerves to work
On a day full of expectations.
What I think and what will be asked fuse
In a tiny dense Black cloud
I cannot easily blow away.
The whole day will be needed.


Becoming familiar with the traps of science
Held hands with selective listening
and fantasizing during meetings.
What a freedom the mind gives you
And how many results hide behind the corner of each experiment you have no time to make happen.


The waiting enters my mood and takes my patience down the road,
Still and covered of leaves they will find me waiting,
Surrounded by the colours of the fall they will hardly see me
And everybody will have forgotten my purpose in the lab.

Kiss and tell

I fail and tell
Because no mistake deserves shame and silence.
As kisses, they teach you to take risks
And let you explore new territories.
Why not to tell?
I want everybody to know
The tricks and traps of science,
And the fun they hide
Behind the frustration.


Transparent liquids turn vivid
And solid materials dissolve
Under the touch of a tiny enzyme
Armed with its powerful yet lonely ions.

Generosity for free

You beg for help,
Your questioning face demands my support
But no please our compliment leaves your mouth,
Hope desperate are you?
How deep is the water you are in?
Is there really no exit in your labyrinth?
I doubt.
I move my hand,
Activate my brain searching for answer
With no value to me.
Here they are to make me feel good about myself and reminds me of my spark.
But You are so small that do not appreciate, you can’t see the effort and the generosity.
How sad is this
How sad for you.


Add, mix, vortex,
Label and colour-code not to forget
Where the value is.
Time for preparation will pay off
When the colour will change
Or our bubbles rise.


In a perpetual race
I dig my memories and my dogmas
Looking for the spark that takes me forward
Shedding light on my new path
And new discoveries.


Green and pink from the berries and the leaves
Decorate my walk to work.
As a new aquarelle everyday,
Fill my head of surprise and gratitude
For the inspiration they bring to my science
When the lab is still far away.


Here you are pretty protein
Whose colourless nature
Hides its unique activity.
Water of unsuspected value
Filled with thoughtful care and
Fruit of a winding and windy treasure hunt.
I found you when hope had left
And so many people
As a personal gift of nature.


Dancing to the beat
I move from sample to sample
With sparkling enzymes cheering for me.
Reacting to the heat
I collect data and errors
Leaving fire and sparks behind me.


Your silence kills me
And amplifies your expectations in my head
How to think of something cheerful
When everything is wet and sticky?
I will write, I will sing and I smile but not for you.


Head down I run,
mumbling numbers and dreaming a future of independence
I hold my breath and smile.
I know it is not forever and each sigh is crucial.
I will, I'll do, they'll do, I'll go.

Safety Rules

The rules of the lab
Don’t apply to life.
I wish there would be safety rules to be enforced
And safety goggles not to see sadness.
I would wear my white coat
And have no fear.
Unluckily not,
You have to figure out the rules
And play your unique game.


Fast On the train
I escape the lab and find nature.
Sunlight, breeze and spark colours
Tickle my imagination and my dormant rationality.


You tell me to stop and focus,
To find the core of my research
And its unique settling point.
I am shocked and started at the million usp I see worthy time and money
In front of me.
Why don’t you see it?


You tell me to stop and focus,
To find the core of my research
And its unique settling point.
I am shocked and started at the million usp I see worthy time and money
In front of me.
Why don’t you see it?

Decision addiction

I always reconsider decisions a million and one times
Looking for the best, the fastest, the most elegant way
That takes me from routine to design
And that give me room to offer my science
With no regret.

Everyday lab

Between uncertainties and errors
I draw my line and lay my questions
While I wait for the eureka
And sigh at the bench.


The feeling of loss,
Dissolved in water,
Turbulent worthless water
Produces richness and value
In my little salty being.


Stick to me because of nature,
Years passed and we grew together,
Always more compatible.
My little hands recognize you,
Refusing the others
While we give life to a new superior entity.


Give me oxygen, I cannot breath
Shake me more, shake me faster
Here you are little molecule
I found you.


On the edge of micrograms
I observe this world
And wonder what matters,
What makes a difference.

Laccase me

Thinking blue, thinking copper,
I sink in rings and oxygen bubbles.
How to describe perfect coordination?
Little hands hold the ion,
Tiny rings lay in you,
And magic happens.


A life of rationality is laid by straight questions and sharp answers.
All is planned and the future holds no secret,
For those who live in the lab.
Poked by freedom and creativity,
We follow our instinct and vague experience,
To lift the carpet of discoveries.


Spot the top taste,
Divide the deluding dichotomies,
To tell a tale of lucid technology.
Welcome the reader, put your tools on the table,
and paint your discoveries with only straight lines and rigid angles.
They will read it, they will reason it,
It will happen.

Struggle is my name

Words that tell the truth
But they are not complete
Fall unheard by the students.
Correlations with no soul
Align to my desire.
What is true, what is real?
I open my eyes and become aware
Of value and significance.

Alone in the lab

Stars outside sneak through the blinds
Curious of my flame.
Frenetic and yawning I focus
On the fire and on my hands.
Tiptoeing among the tubes
Double thinking all my movements
Rejecting sleep and doubts
I slowly proceed.