Discovery vibe

Nothing describes the flash
Of the metal in the water
Of the fluorescent protein alone
Of the graph that tells it all.
That explosion in the head and in the belly
That moves you a hundred feet ahead
And above the clouds
Confirms your inner voice
And your undiscussed talent.


Regular and precise
Like a shiny Salt Crystal
Feel the changes in the air around me.
Melting away I let my energy spread
While strongly I hold on to the skills and ideas
Hiding inside but not vanishing.

Being good being yourself

The spark is back in your head
And the fall of ideas is now unstoppable.
The heat is up
In your body afraid for so long
And reactions are quick
Like instinctual impulses
When the enthusiasm is back.
Your talent cannot be lost
Just shut
But it will always come to the surface
When you feel good being yourself.

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