Letting go

Summer is the tip
Of a year of work and satisfaction.
A long slide is now ahead
And my hair waiting to fly.
Time sticks to my hands
And I long into it for too long
Its forgotten faces,
the I will never talk to you again,
The let’s hold hands and let’s forget
Make the wrinkles of my young palms.

Happy birthday to me

The candles are standing fierce

On a cake owed for years.

Sometimes time has run faster than me

And i felt unprepared.

Some days it was lagging behind me

Giving me some rest

And time to dream.

Saving time, wasting time

Colleagues to bother and coffee cups to hold,

salts to dissolve and liquids to stir,

see you standing and counting the minutes.

In moments of idle attention

ideas waiting in line come to the front

with a smiling face and the index up.

Nothing to do, plant seeds for tomorrow.

How to find time for poetry (video)?

Writing poetry can seem a challenging and time-demanding task. it is however a great chance to isolate yourself an focus on your feelings, putting them in words, and… 5 minutes are just enough!

Waiting each day

I jump eagerly from the fast lane
Of my thoughts and plans for the future
To the snail race we all cannot escape.
One by one we donate our powers
For the common good of the lab.
Is time lazy or my life stuck in common tasks
And waiting?

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