A woman’s look

In the room we sit professionally
With our glasses of wisdom
And preconceived expectations.
Our opinions drop majestic
Yet unheard.
We will do it anyway .
We look at each other,
We know we can together.



Women are good

To turn bitter lemons into nectar

When the wind blows strong.

When others run,

They adapt.

They are the glue,

Invisible, yet necessary.

They bind and grab,

They soothe and position,

They give purpose

In any brittle world.


What holds me and tries to stop me

Must be behind my back.

I cannot see your face

And fight You

With all my wisdom.

Compassion and kindness,

Fairness and sympathy are my code of ethics

To slalom in life away.

Hard to please, hard to self affirm,

Hard to smile meanwhile.

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