31 Dec 2019

The fresh smell of toasting,

Of bubbles filling the air,

Saturates the heart with golden lights.

Frost frost fire fire

I slide and watch my step,

I see the crystals shine

In this early morning

And Xmas comes in.

A fire gives its first sparks

In that moment of ice age

Melting the fear away

leaving feathery ashes of love.

Inquisitory eyes

Alone and defenceless you stared

At my grey hair and at my accurate collection of personal answers.

I never felt more responsible and judged,

By a young pinky face full of fear

For a world she did Not and could not grasp.

The moment we committed to each other,

To a daily hunt

For your best future.

You are Always special

Look around and find another you,

Through the fog of strong opinions

and dressed-up egos.

This endless search points you back

To your chest with a thick finger.

Your unique nature is evident to everybody,

Your road has signs you stick in the ground

With your energy.

Even in this lazy today.