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Lab team

I opened today the door To trust and uncertainty To give a chance to a future I cannot imagine. In every lab, Peers and rivals Put their word in the closing sentence And hold shaky hands in times of indetermination.

Art in the lab

Hard life in they lab Where hard materials and soft dreams are tested I don’t feel I deserve Your pastel smiles and encouragement When my data are a Pollock And my protocol a rollercoaster. Be there and keep quiet To watch the show.

Lab day

Another day has passed Through my clicks and my printings In the busy lab Who looks forward. Lab animals feed on planning the future And snack on tiny bites of promising mistakes While the mission proceeds.

Reproducibility in the lab

The same movements performed In the same order worth the same timing To ensure reproducibility. Freeze your critical thinking, Put yours brain on pause And accept the procedure You wrote yourself. Like a robot perform To be able to trust later.

Lab lamp

In the dark of the lab My results come to life, Fluorescent lines under the lamp. Loneliness and suspense Are my companions Until the story can be told.

Crash in the lab

The echo of clashing experiments Fills the lab on this windy day. The dream result has left everybody standing speechless And everybody with a broken heart after days of efforts. Impulses take over and the youngs predict a ruin While the seniors know Another hunt had just started.

Apnea in the lab

Having the answer Makes your shoulders rest And your breathing come back Like a goldfish back to water After an acrobatic jump. The apnea of the search While diving through false illusions and deceiving results Is poisonous Yet addictive to the heart.

Scooped on the lab

You see it blinking on the screen Yet you cannot believe. Your plan is public, your idea not yours anymore. It has been put in the words of a stranger Written on a paper that never entered your lab. They ran faster than you Using instruments of higher power While you played with dusty lenses […]

In the woods of the lab

In the woods the silence is a guest Of squirrels and blackbirds. Silence announces danger And my hair stand up Like marmots Ready to react. Tiny noises from near and far are safety Reminding you life in all its scales And an environment you can trust. This natural noise oscillation Is vital also in the […]

Mirage in the lab

What you wish if what drags you Out of bed, out of the office chair As a distant mirage Glowing in the lab. The pale hypothesis Rings no bell to anybody else But speaks to you. In your head it lits up And puts fire in your belly. Will it work? Is it true? Is […]

Happiness in the lab

Professional happiness Does not reflect in your life outside the lab. Topics of research are specific peculiar issues Of almost no importance to those who cross your way Or share your restaurant. Telling life a tale your work to a fresh new ear Brightens up your spirit of young scholar And reactivates your brain from […]

Young heart in the lab

I see your young eyes investigate the lab Still blind to the unsolved forms In each corner. The will to learn comes with a fear and a personal journey That is never considered and hard to predict In intensity. Your basis is solid yet green Holding promise for us all Too old but not too […]

Fast theory

Far from my lab, Into another protein world, The wife man builds a theory. Elegantly portrayed It suits now on my desk, In a childish naïve email Pointing a finger at me.

Everyday lab

Between uncertainties and errors I draw my line and lay my questions While I wait for the eureka And sigh at the bench.

Alone in the lab

Stars outside sneak through the blinds Curious of my flame. Frenetic and yawning I focus On the fire and on my hands. Tiptoeing among the tubes Double thinking all my movements Rejecting sleep and doubts I slowly proceed.

On the way to the lab

The sun is shy today And clouds seem to buffer The full potential of a day in the lab. Trepidation takes me there, Expectations drive my walk to the bench, Reasoning on unheard hypotheses Excites my ego and hurries my hands.

Unknown liquid in the lab

It suits in my bench And makes me shiver by staring at me In its transparent glass bottle. For days, for months, for year I feared the day of its disposal. It was bottled in a regular November day That had left no memory and added no value in my research, Yet held on to […]

Flamingo dance

On a foot I cruise the lab, Walking sideways in a diagonal, I reach my high desk. I stretch my neck to discover the documents, Hiding silent in the back, While the others follow me with their eyes filled of water.

PhD ending

Few questions and the stomach in the rollercoaster Will summarise years in the lab And ideas coming unattended In the night, on a hike, talking. A chapter closes and Yet many answers are just blank spaces. The value for a society Are condensed in words For an elite.

Self protection

In this day of treasure hunts and inquisitive looks, I move slowly asking the people of the lab. Envy and demands appeared together But my persona is well defined And the borders guarded. Short but sneaky, the human fence Cannot be fooled.

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The candid dove of experimental design flies in And shows to all the way To elegance and beauty Of working in the lab everyday.


This blog is like a diary for me and I would like you to be able to navigate it easily. Any time 🐳 I have a few minutes to myself I write or post a photo. Most of my poems revolve around few themes I encounter everyday on the way to work 🌸, in the […]


Caught up by the lab turmoil I end up in situations I can’t control And do not realize. Taken by surprise Rapidly search for my thin shield When a sword would be my choice.


Tip tip tip Eppy Eppy Eppy The sounds of a good day in the lab.

At night

The night comes and the carousel Of ideas and conjectures Starts spinning. What impossible in the lab during the day Becomes glamorous and knitted with discovery and potential for the future. Written down, it will be judged tomorrow In the sunlight.

Energy bloom

A Low Energy transfer Of projects and results Streams through the lab Engulfing the ideas at the benches. It has reached now its maximum And bloomed in a rich And vibrant plan For the most elegant experiment.


Happiness it’s you the light I see behind the glass Staring and waiting for my smile to rise And conquer my fearful core in the lab. Happiness it’s you The pink halo of my sky today Pushing slowly the important news I long for, alone in the lab. Happiness it’s you The number that matches […]

Tip tapping

Letter by letter I label the tubes with my precious DNA And stare and my young fingers That jump and dance With click click and uh uh. Popping eppies brings a laugh to the girls in the lab tip tapping by the centrifuge.

DNA evolution

Planning of mutations Brings me back to childhood and playing with Lego. Will this small brick be able to support the castle? Will this extra arginine pimp this enzyme? Mutagenesis plays by the rules of nature And smiles at evolution, Embarrassed by its small efforts Towards lab-scale successes.


Kinetics and calculations make me tired PCR and agarose gels make me appreciate life Buffer and substrate dissolution remind me of holidays. Every day in the lab head potential of taking you away.

By the lake

Searching for peace away from the lab I scan through beaches and lakes Enjoying a chilly beer and a warm cake. Will I bring this calmness to my bench on Monday?

Heart analysis

Cracking numbers You start to see patterns In front of your eyes and in your life. What in the lab perfectly fits Is chaos and uncertainty for the heart. Those words that hurt Can only be approximated To a less painful sentence.


Your body whispers A break is needed. Reluctant and fearful You move your body while your mind conputes and forecasts experimental results. The coffee is warm Yet fades quickly In the run to a career.


Fast On the train I escape the lab and find nature. Sunlight, breeze and spark colours Tickle my imagination and my dormant rationality.

Office Christmas

Scent of mandarins fills the office While my hands quickly expose their flesh And my imagination takes me back to Christmas. Welcoming office of familiar smells You cuddle the outcome of intensive work In the less pleasant lab.


The waiting enters my mood and takes my patience down the road, Still and covered of leaves they will find me waiting, Surrounded by the colours of the fall they will hardly see me And everybody will have forgotten my purpose in the lab.

Bus ride

I sit in the bus Twenty minutes Everyday dreaming of arriving to the lab At the light’s speed. Butterflies in my stomach Reminds me of the experiment that went on over night And is waiting for me Bubbling Stirred Blushing Hot. These are the Signs of a happy enzyme in an active mood I can’t […]


I love infographics! they are a combination of knowledge and pleasure… at least to the eye! Their colors are vibrant and the geometries always creative! 6 WAYS TO PRETEND YOU ARE WORKING HOW TO FIND TIME FOR WRITING POETRY? This infographic gives you some suggestions on when to find time to write short poems (click […]

Women migration

A common species is the woman In the lab Yet it is endangered in its migration to The office and to the empowerment. Migration routes are undetectable And few footprints are left on the plastic floor For the young ones to follow. Breadcrumbs and seeds In a line on the floor Are not enough.


A life of rationality is laid by straight questions and sharp answers. All is planned and the future holds no secret, For those who live in the lab. Poked by freedom and creativity, We follow our instinct and vague experience, To lift the carpet of discoveries.

Safety Rules

The rules of the lab Don’t apply to life. I wish there would be safety rules to be enforced And safety goggles not to see sadness. I would wear my white coat And have no fear. Unluckily not, You have to figure out the rules And play your unique game.

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