Welcome where science meets poetry!

Welcome to this scientist’s blog with more than 1300 posts!

I am a biologist who crossed biotechnology, biochemistry, protein science, food science, material science, biomedical devices and is now curious about cosmetic science and innovation, I started working in a biocehmistry lab as a student in 2004 for my master thesis and, here I am, sitting in a cosmetic lab and still surrounded by very active white coats.

This blog was born in 2016 with the post titled “Decision addiction” that has so far collected only one ‘like’! After three years more than 1300 posts with short poems and images of mostly flowers have been collected.

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I have touched more than 2000 topics in the more than 1300 posts From pink to relax, from biochemistry to space, from being a scientist to the future… I still can’t believe it!

I write daily contributions and I will also share some free material with you. I would love if we could think about some projects together! How about a book or a joint article?

You don’ t have to be generous to enjoy the blog, I want you to feel free to snoop around and comment, this place is for you!