Quality effort

I struggle natively to polish
The quality of my work that however
Can be judged and fall ill
with time and cultures.
In this spot of sunshine
I will now tender
the quality of my thinking
And the clarity of the ideas in the playground.

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Holiday counting

Spongy shoes

Silent city

The silent city revolves
And concentrate its energy
in those who listen.
The empty streets at night
Leave room to mental wanderers
And part-time dreamers.

[tags postaday, poetry, writing, night, city, dreamer, wanderer, energy, recharge, mind, life, resilience, freedom]

15 July, 2017 20:59

Game changer

The inert sofa stands alone
In the sunny room
Waiting for me and my cup.
I am hugged by the grey fabric
while I surf
Those days and opinions
That left without leaving a message
But a deep mark.